CIBC Select Visa* Card

CIBC Select Visa* Card

The best credit card for balance transfers in Canada.

Get 0% interest for up to 10 months with a 1% transfer fee†

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Year 1


Years 2 and +


Annual Fee


First Year Annual Fee Rebate (terms apply)
Interest rates
Purchase Rates

13.99 %

Cash Advance Rates

13.99 %

Balance Transfer Rates

13.99 %

Your Monthly Spending



Transfer your credit card balance – Get 0% interest for up to 10 months for a 1% transfer fee†, plus a refund of the first year’s annual fee† See full details on the offer below†.

Transfer your credit card balance and get 0% interest for up to 10 months with a 1% transfer fee†
  • Transfer up to 50% of your assigned credit limit†
  • If you choose to carry a balance and you make your minimum payments on time, a balance transfer could save you money on interest
  • Take advantage of this 0% introductory interest rate on balance transfers for your first 10 months. You’ll only have to pay a 1% fee† when you transfer your balance from another card to the CIBC Select Visa Card
  • This balance transfer offer is only available at the time of your online application.† Simply tick the checkbox to select the balance transfer option when you’re filling out your application Once you take advantage of this offer, you will have a promotional rate balance on your account. As a result, you will lose your interest-free grace period on new purchases unless you pay your amount due, including any promotional rate balances, in full each month. While you will enjoy the promotional rate on the balances you transfer by using this offer, new purchases will be subject to the purchase interest rate.
  • Save on gas with CIBC and Journie Rewards Link your CIBC Select Visa card to Journie Rewards and use it to automatically save up to 10 cents per litre† at participating Pioneer, Fas Gas, Ultramar and Chevron gas stations†.
  • Ongoing Purchase APR: 13.99%†.
  • Cash Advance APR: 13.99%†.

Fees & Conditions

Personal Income $15,000
Household Income $15,000
Annual Fee $29
First Year Annual Fee Rebate
First Additional Card $0
Foreign Transaction Fee 2.5%
Purchase Rates 13.99%
Cash Advance Rates 13.99%
Balance Transfer Rates 13.99%
Balance Transfer
Balance Transfer Intro Duration 10 months
Balance Transfer Fees 1%


Year 1
Years 2 and +
Welcome bonus
0 $
Annual credit
Travel benefits
VIP lounges
First Year Annual Fee Rebate
First-Year Offer Value
Accumulated rewards
Annual fee
Net value

Reward points value

We have established a valuation of the reward point in cents for each loyalty program. More information on the points valuation page.

First-year value

For all credit cards offers, we estimate the value of the welcome offer (bonus, annual fee rebate) in the first year, plus the value of the rewards earned based on your purchases entered in the calculator for the six categories:

  • Grocery
  • Gas/Transit
  • Meals
  • Travel
  • Bills
  • Other purchases

First-Year Net Value = Welcome Bonus Value + Benefits (Annual Credit, VIP lounges, etc.) + Earned Rewards First-Year Annual Fee

Value of subsequent years

For the value of subsequent years, we consider the earned rewards based on your purchases indicated in the calculator and any benefits offered.

Subsequent years’ net value = Earned Rewards + Benefits (Annual Credit, VIP lounges, etc.) Annual fee

VIP lounges:

For credit cards with complimentary airport lounge access, this benefit is calculated as follows:

  • 1 access = $40
  • Unlimited access = $400 (the value of 10 annual visits)


All Spending 0.00
Drugstores 0.00
Groceries 0.00
Convenience Stores 0.00
Gas 0.00
Telecom/Internet 0.00
Local Transport 0.00
Streaming services 0.00
Dining and Food delivery 0.00
Online transactions 0.00
Recurring Payments 0.00
Office Supplies 0.00
Travel 0.00
Entertainment 0.00
4.4 Milesopedia Rating