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Review: Air France 777-300ER | New Business Class | CDG-NCE

Departing Airport Paris Charles-de-Gaulle
Arrival Airport Nice Côte d'Azur
Flight Carrier Air France
Flight Number AF4148
Duration 1:30
Aircraft Boeing 777
Cabin Class Business Class
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Paris Charles-de-Gaulle
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To the point Here's my experience aboard a Boeing 777-300 ER equipped with Air France's new Business Class between Paris and Nice.

Air France 777 Business Class - Booking

Following my visit to the Paris Le Bourget International Air Show, I decided to travel on Air France between Paris Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG) and Nice (NCE).

This route is usually served by Airbus A320 single-aisle aircraft. However, I had noted that special flights would take place on the occasion of the International Festival of Creativity – Cannes Lions between June 19 and 23, 2023. Air France had decided to position a Boeing 777-300 ER equipped with the airline’s new long-haul cabins in Nice to run special rotations between Nice (NCE) and New York (JFK).

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-01

And of course, to get to Nice, these aircraft had to take one of the morning flights between Paris (CDG) and Nice (NCE) that I chose to take:

Date Flight Origin Destination
June 23, 2023 AF4148 CDG 08:20 09:50 NCE

My ticket was booked in Economy class. With my Flying Blue Platinum status, I could choose a seat in Premium Economy. And when I checked in, I was able to pay for a Business class upgrade for 79 euros.

Normally, I wouldn’t advise you to choose such an upgrade between Paris and Nice: on single-aisle aircraft, the seats are identical to Economy class (the difference being that the middle seat is blocked). But in this case, it was more than worth it to test Air France‘s new Business Class!

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-02

Just for fun, you can use Flying Blue Miles to book the flight between Nice and New York (AF42) at a particularly attractive fare:

  • 15,000 Flying Blue Miles in Economy class
  • 66,500 Flying Blue Miles in Business class
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-39
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-38

Air France 777 Business Class - Cabin

When boarding Air France‘s new Business cabin, you will notice that it is divided into two cabins:

  • 28 seats in 7 rows between the first and second pair of aircraft doors
  • 20 seats in 5 rows after the second pair of aircraft doors

Behind this second Business cabin are the Premium Economy and Economy cabins (also with new seats).

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-04

I chose to sit in this second cabin.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-13

I like the French design touches of bluish tones, white (veering towards ivory in places) and the red Air France logo. Not forgetting the company’s symbol, the winged seahorse, which can be seen in many places.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-15
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-46

Air France 777 Business Class - Seat

Air France‘s ambition is to offer a higher level of comfort with this new seat, which is based on the 3 “F” concept:

  • Full Flat: the seat becomes a flat bed of almost 2 metres
  • Full Access: every passenger has direct access to the aisle
  • Full Privacy: added a sliding door for added privacy

And on board these 777-300 ERs, there are Business seats that are a cut above the rest. These are the seats in rows 1 and 9. In fact, by choosing these Business seats, you’ll enjoy extra comfortable space. Another passenger could, for example, sit on the wide ottoman and enjoy a drink while facing you!

So I chose seat 9A for this flight between Paris and Nice.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-08

When you compare it with the next seat, the 10A, you can clearly see the difference in space:

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-09
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-17

Passengers traveling in pairs should opt for the center row seats. The partition between the two seats can be lowered for a chat.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-14
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-05

But let’s get back to what we’re interested in: seat 9A in this new Air France Business Class.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-34

With Air France, it’s all in the details. We appreciate the leather headrest (as well as the seatbelt protection) and the fine red touch of the tricolor company logo. And a well-positioned reading light.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-20

Similar to other Air France aircraft such as the A350, a small storage box houses the noise-reducing headset, headphone socket, USB-A port, touch-sensitive remote control and a mirror integrated into the door. Here, too, the winged (and backlit) seahorse is a real eye-catcher.

However, there was a small problem: the door kept opening during the flight, as the closing mechanism didn’t work properly.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-18

Note the induction surface for recharging your phone. It becomes active once cruising altitude has been reached.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-19

Along the armrest are various controls for positioning the seat or activating the lighting.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-36

And here’s a passenger’s view of the space available in this 9A seat. You’ll notice a hook for your jacket on the right. Parents traveling with a baby will appreciate the presence of hooks for a cot.

Usually, the cot is in full view, attached to the high wall. Here, with this wide ottoman, the bed is positioned at seat height; and thanks to the door fitted to every seat in this new Air France Business Class, you’ll have plenty of privacy with your baby.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-21
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-30
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-43

The tablet is not particularly large. However, it has been cleverly designed so that it can be folded up and half removed, allowing you to move from your seat without removing your glass, for example.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-33
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-31
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-32

On the side, there’s a USB-C port (60 W) as well as a power socket and a small storage space (enough to hold a computer or tablet).

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-35

The small touch-sensitive remote control allows you to control the screen, volume and light, request assistance and get information on the remaining flight time.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-40

The new Business Class features a 17.3-inch 4K anti-glare screen. Which is rather a standard size in business class. It’s true that it may seem a little small given the space available to the passenger in seat 9A!

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-22
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-26

However, image quality is excellent, as is the content on offer (1,500 hours of entertainment on demand). And you can use your own Bluetooth headphones (which I like to do with my Bose QuietComfort 45 headset).

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-44
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-51

On board this Air France flight, it was possible to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Air France offers a free connection for messages via popular applications (iMessages, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.).

Here are the Air France Wi-Fi packages:

  • Message: Free
  • Surf (1 hour): 8 euros or 2,700 Flying Blue Miles
  • Surf (whole flight): 18 euros or 6,000 Flying Blue Miles
  • Stream (whole flight): 30 euros or 10,000 Flying Blue Miles
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-52

Finally, here’s a view of this 9A seat when positioned in bed mode.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-37

And the famous door once closed. This brings a certain intimacy (not as much as the door on Qatar Airways’ Qsuite or All Nippon Airways’ The Room business class).

For example, it’s very easy for the crew to give you a drink or a dish above the door. In fact, it mainly prevents other passengers on the other side of the aisle from seeing you.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-50
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-49

Air France 777 Business Class - Service

On this short 1.5-hour flight between Paris and Nice, I naturally didn’t get the full experience of service on board Air France‘s new Business Class.

In fact, only mini tomato and basil shortbread, salted butter caramel sables and a drink were served.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-48

This gave me the opportunity to wander around the cabin and chat with the crew who were about to fly the special Nice – New York (JFK) route, and who occupied a large part of the Business class.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-53

And, of course, the magnificent French scenery, such as the Lac de Sainte-Croix and our arrival in Nice with our plane in shadow over the Mediterranean Sea.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-54
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-57
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-58

Finally, a rare photo of an Air France Boeing 777-300 ER in Nice (NCE)!

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-59

Bottom line

Air France’s new Business class is particularly successful. During this 1h30 flight, I was able to appreciate the Hard Product, which is of a high standard (far superior to competitors such as Lufthansa, British Airways or Emirates).

I can’t wait to try out this new Business Class on board a longer flight (for the moment, aircraft equipped with this cabin are positioned to New York (JFK), Washington (IAD), San Francisco (SFO), Dakar (DSS) and Rio (GIG)).

And we recently learned that Air France has chosen to equip its Airbus A350s with this new cabin. We therefore hope to see them on routes to North America, including Canada.

Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-23
Air France – 777 – Nouvelle Business-29

Frequently asked questions about Air France's New Business Class

Which aircraft are equipped with the new Air France Business Class?

Eventually, 12 Air France Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft will be equipped with the new Business Class. These aircrafts gave 48 seats.

Here are the converted aircraft registrations: F-GZNK, F-GZNP, F-GZNQ, F-GZNS, F-GZNT, F-GZNI, F-GZNR, F-GZNU, F-GZNJ.

And those in the process of being converted: F-GSQD, F-GSQE, F-GZNH.

How big is the screen in Air France's new Business Class?

The screen size in Air France’s new Business Class is 17.3 inches.

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