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Review : Air Canada Premium Rouge Montreal – Orlando

Flight Carrier Air Canada
Aircraft Airbus A321
Cabin Class Economy

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To the point Here's our review of Air Canada Rouge's Premium Class for flight AC1636 from Montreal-Trudeau International Airport to Orlando.

Arrival at the airport

On this Saturday morning, in the middle of the construction vacations, I had arrived early at Montréal-Trudeau International Airport. I was convinced there would be a huge crowd during this busy period.

I was wrong. It took exactly 5 minutes from the time I entered the airport to the time I exited US pre-clearance.

There were so few passengers that the security guards had to give everyone a full-body scan, because they had time. They’d even crack a joke to lighten the mood.

If there had been a lot of traffic at the security checkpoint, I could have shown my TD® Aeroplan® Privilege Visa Infinite Card to get to the front of the line. In fact, it’s a much faster way to get through security at Montréal-Trudeau (and also at Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa airports).

I was ready, but it was so deserted that I didn’t have to use it.

How to book the Premium Rouge Cabin

Depending on the dates and period, you can get good value by purchasing a Premium Rouge Class ticket with Aeroplan points.

dollar FR MCO

For example, about 20,000 Aeroplan points (and a $110 fee) can save me about $900 for the Red Premium Cabin!

Aeroplan FR MCO

Access to the Maple Leaf Lounge before the flight

This non-stop flight from Montreal (YUL) to Orlando (MCO) takes 3h18. There are a few daily departures from Montreal, and the flight time was 10:55 a.m., on the wings of an Air Canada Rouge Airbus A321. It was full that day.

Economy class has a configuration of three seats on each side of the aircraft, for a total of 184 seats.

Premium Class Rouge has 12 seats in a 2×2 configuration, in the first three rows of the aircraft. I was in the third window. The row for Economy Preference seats (with the red headrest) started right behind me.

Thanks to the Premium Rouge Cabin, I’m entitled to :

  • Priority check-in and boarding (zone 1)
  • Pre-flight access to the Maple Leaf lounge in the YUL transborder zone
  • A wider seat that tilts back 15 centimetres
  • Ample legroom
  • Two free checked bags
  • 150% Aeroplan points (SQM)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • A wide selection of free drinks (sparkling wine, red and white wines, beers, coffee, tea, Perrier water)
  • Free starter, main course and dessert

After strolling through the Transborder Zone terminal to admire the new murals, I headed for the Maple Leaf Lounge to relax before my flight.

Premium Rouge YUL MCO-03

The lounge was deserted too. So I was able to enjoy my breakfast and choose the comfortable armchair I wanted.

Quietly, the Maple Leaf lounge filled up and it was time to board the plane.

Premium Rouge YUL MCO-04

Premium Rouge Cabin

Thanks to the seat reserved in the Premium Rouge Cabin, I was one of the first people to board the plane (zone 1).

I didn’t have to check in any luggage (even though I got two free with my fare), as I travel light. There was only my carry-on to put in the overhead compartment.

Premium Rouge Class comfort

I had all the space I needed to be comfortable in my seat, as it was larger than normal. What’s more, I had my own power socket and USB port in my seating area. A second USB socket was available on the back of the seat in front of me.

There was also enough storage space in the middle section between the two seats for my entire iPad and a bottle of water given to me by the flight attendant.

Premium Rouge YUL MCO-18

In front of me, I could lower a stand to hold my cell phone or iPad.

The table for eating or working is in the armrest on the window side. Simply press the button and it gently ejects.

Air Canada Rouge - Food

Shortly after takeoff, the flight attendant asked me for my choice of main meal. Here’s the menu:

  • Mesclun salad (kale, orange wedges, red bell pepper) and bread
  • Chicken with apple-maple sauce, carrots and quinoa and rice mix OR Gnocchi with creamy sauce, peas, butternut squash and asparagus
  • Cappuccino cheesecake

Then she distributed comforting hot towels to all passengers in the Premium Rouge cabin.

Premium Rouge YUL MCO-17

Then it was time for the delicious hot nuts. The proportion of almonds and cachous was correct.

Premium Rouge YUL MCO-19

A little later, I received my meal tray and had chosen the gnocchi, which were very good.

Premium Rouge YUL MCO-21

How to connect to Wi-Fi in the Premium Rouge cabin

First, the mobile device must be in Airplane mode. In the Wi-Fi section, connect to the”RougeWifi” network.

In a browser window, type in the address bar. A welcome window will open.

wifi premium rouge

In the Pass for streaming section on the left, enter your name and seat number. Then click on Login.

Premium Rouge wifi

That’s it! You’re connected!

You will see a confirmation message at the top and bottom right of the page.

Rouge Premium wifi connexion

You’ll be able to surf the web from the air.

Wi-Fi speed was very satisfactory throughout the flight.

What’s more, thanks to a partnership between Bell and Air Canada, all Aeroplan members on the flight have a free messaging service (Apple’s iMessage, Google’s Messages, Meta’s WhatsApp and Messenger, and Rakuten’s Viber).

Premium Rouge YUL MCO-20

Air Canada Rouge - Entertainment System

As there’s no entertainment system in the seat in front of you, you’ll need to bring your own device.

During the flight, access the Air Canada mobile application to listen to movies and TV series. You can then view them on your tablet, cell phone or computer.

Arrival in Orlando

The flight arrived a few minutes ahead of schedule, in hot and humid Orlando. On your way out of Terminal B, take a look at the new items in the Magic of Disney boutique!

Premium Rouge YUL MCO-22

Bottom Line

For even greater comfort on board an Air Canada Rouge flight, the Premium Rouge Cabin is the ideal way to arrive in Orlando in top form.

Of course, it costs more than an economy-class ticket. But with its many inclusions, including 2 pieces of luggage and Wi-fi, entry to the Maple Leaf Lounge before departure and a meal on board, it’s well worth the price.

What's the difference between Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge?

Air Canada Rouge is the low-cost division of Air Canada.

Flights with Air Canada Rouge are more economical. At the same time, there are fewer options on board, such as entertainment. Passengers must bring their own devices to watch films and TV series.

What’s more, the seats are smaller and there’s less legroom, allowing more passengers on board. Air Canada Rouge’s baggage policy is the same as Air Canada’s.

How do I contact Aeroplan?

For Aeroplan reservation inquiries, Aeroplan point balance inquiries or any other questions regarding your Aeroplan account, please contact Aeroplan Customer Service at 1-800-361-5373.

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