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Review : Aeromexico 737-8 MAX/ 737-9 MAX Economy Class

Departing Airport Montreal-Trudeau International Airport
Arrival Airport San José Mineta International Airport
Flight Carrier Aeroméxico
Aircraft Boeing 737
Cabin Class Economy
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Montreal-Trudeau International Airport
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To the point Here's my review of Aeromexico's round-trip flights from Montreal to San José, Costa Rica with a stopover in Mexico City in Economy Class aboard a Boeing 737-8 MAX and Boeing 737-9 MAX.

Here’s my review of Aeromexico‘s round-trip flights from Montreal to San José, Costa Rica with a stopover in Mexico City in Economy Class aboard a Boeing 737-8 MAX and Boeing 737-9 MAX.

Coucher soleil a bord - Crédit Maude Carrier
Coucher soleil a bord - Crédit Maude Carrier

Foreword and Aeromexico check-in

Aeromexico is based in Mexico City, Mexico. You can earn Aeromexico points, but you can also use your Flying Blue points if you are a member.

On my flight to San José, I was unable to check in online 24 hours before departure, either on the Aeromexico app or on the website. Once at the airport, only one counter was open to welcome the many passengers and luggage, which meant a very long wait despite my carry-on bag. The same thing happened on my return flights. In my experience, online check-in is not always available.

It’s also important to note that on Aeromexico flights, unless you pay an additional fee, you can’t choose your seat at check-in. It is therefore highly likely that you will be separated from your loved ones during the flight.

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Aeromexico 737 MAX-8 and 737 MAX-9 Economy Class

Aeromexico 737 MAX-8 and 737 MAX-9 Economy Class - Cabin and seat

The economy-class cabin configuration on Aeromexico is three seats on either side of the row. The cabin luggage compartment is very large, and there’s enough space under the seat for a backpack.

Each seat is equipped with a tablet and a state-of-the-art touchscreen, so you can even connect your Bluetooth headphones. A USB port is available, as is a place to plug in headphones. Headphones are also provided on board.

The seat reclines slightly, the belt is a respectable length and legroom is standard. The seats were comfortable for economy class.

Cabine - Crédit Maude Carrier
Cabine - Crédit Maude Carrier

On the four flights in total, I was seated once aisle side in the emergency exit, once in the middle seat (the least ideal in my opinion) and twice at the edge of the window, including once at the front near the wall that divides the economy section from the business class section. This last seat gave me even more legroom for my return flight to Montreal. For a random check-in assignment, I was pretty lucky.

Wi-Fi is also available on board for those who wish to pay. However, I have not tested the quality of this service.

There’s no noticeable difference between the 8-MAX and 9-MAX models.

Aeromexico 737 MAX-8 and 737 MAX-9 Economy Class - Meals

For flights of over 4 hours, a meal is generally included in economy class. My flights from Montreal to Mexico City and back included a meal.

On my first morning flight, I was served yogurt, a small bowl of fruit and a ham and cheese sandwich with my choice of beverage, using real utensils. Alcoholic beverages are included even in economy class.

Dejeuner a bord - Crédit Maude Carrier
Dejeuner a bord - Crédit Maude Carrier

On our way back, it was chicken with salad and bread that was on the menu for supper. All in all, the meals were very good for economy class and the inclusion of alcoholic beverages is interesting.

On shorter flights, nuts and dried fruit snacks were provided, always with the beverage of my choice.

Aeromexico in-flight service

Onboard Aeromexico service is available in English and Spanish. Very courteous, the flight attendants welcome all passengers and remain very present throughout the flight.

Entertainment on board Copa Airlines

Aeromexico offers an in-flight entertainment system on its B737-8-MAX and 9-MAX aircraft. A choice of films, TV series and music is available. The catalog included a mix of international and Mexican films, all relatively recent. It is also possible to follow the aircraft’s route and obtain flight information in real time.

Stopover in Mexico City

When you stop over in Mexico City, you’ll need to allow time for customs clearance, even when you’re in transit. Once you arrive at the airport, please note that the gate for your flight will not be confirmed until approximately one hour before boarding. You are directed to a section of the airport, rather like a waiting room, which is not necessarily close to your gate. So you need to pay close attention, and check the departure board regularly. There are plenty of restaurants and stores to keep you entertained during a stopover, and the airport’s wi-fi works well, though is less accessible in some parts. If your stopover lasts several hours, you may feel the effects of altitude, some people being more affected than others, as Mexico City lies at an altitude of 2,240 meters.

Bottom Line

I enjoyed flying on board of Aeromexico. For travel to South America, the company offers several routes with short or long stopovers in Mexico City. I found that there was excellent service on board, that the economy class was relatively comfortable and the choice of entertainment was interesting for a flight that is affordable. I would not hesitate to use this airline again for any flight to Mexico or any other destination in Latin America.

Vol au dessus Costa Rica Aeromexico - Crédit Maude Carrier
Vol au dessus Costa Rica Aeromexico - Crédit Maude Carrier
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