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Review : The Club MCO Lounge Terminal B, Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Lounge The Club
Airport Orlando International Airport
Lounge Access Method Priority Pass
Terminal Terminal B, Concourse 4
Country United States
City Orlando
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To the point I was able to visit The Club MCO lounge in Terminal B when I was at Orlando International Airport in Florida. Here's how to get there, and my review of the lounge.

The Club MCO lounge - Location of the lounge

Near gate 91 of the departure hall / concourse 4, in terminal B of Orlando International Airport, you’ll find The Club MCO lounge. Please note that there are two The Club MCO lounges at this airport, not to be confused with the other of the same name in Terminal A.

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To get there, you must first pass through security, and then take an automated light rail train from the main terminal to the departure hall / concourse 4, inside the secure area. There is no pedestrian walkway between the main terminal and departure hall 4, so you must take the light rail. Stepping off the light rail, you’re just a few seconds’ walk from the lounge entrance.

carte Aéroport Orlando
carte Aéroport Orlando

The lounge is open daily from 5am to 9pm. All passengers with flights departing from departure hall 4, gates 70 to 99, can easily reach the departure hall before departure. For us, who had a WestJet departure to Toronto at gate 95, it was on our way and therefore really ideal for a stopover.

The Club MCO lounge - How to access?

The easiest way to get a free access to The Club MCO lounge is to be a member of the Priority Pass program.

Salon The club MCO Orlando – Crédit David-01

Note that contrary to what you might think, presenting an American Express Platinum CardMD is not enough to give you access to this lounge.

The trick is to use one of the privileges of your American Express Platinum CardMD, which gives you an absolutely free subscription to the Priority Pass program. It is therefore important to have activated your Priority Pass subscription a few weeks before your visit. Once your membership has been activated, you can use the Priority Pass application on your phone to display your Priority Pass virtual membership card. The lounge receptionist will simply scan the QR code displayed on the virtual map on your phone. If you have your physical card in hand, this should also work.

Access to the lounge is for the Priority Pass primary cardholder and a traveling companion.

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Access is authorized 3 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. Children under two years old are admitted free of charge. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

The Club MCO lounge - My lounge experience

When I arrived at the lounge on a Friday morning in October at around 9:00 am, I can confirm that the capacity reached was no more than 20%.

Table and non-table seating are evenly distributed throughout the lounge. It wasn’t hard to find a quiet spot, with a table, in the area just in front of the bar.

My big disappointment was the food on offer, which was almost non-existent. For lunch, there wasn’t even sliced bread to make toast. In fact, toasters were only used to toast bagels. In short, on the morning of your departure, if your hotel offers you a free breakfast, don’t make the mistake of skipping it and thinking you’ll be having lunch later at The Club MCO lounge… you might be very disappointed.

Alcoholic beverages are only available to passengers aged 21 and over.

The free Wi-Fi available in the lounge is the same as at the airport, and the signal works well.

A separate children’s play area is available.

Note that this is the one and only lounge in Terminal B, Departure Hall 4.

Bottom Line

A lounge to be avoided if you want to eat decently. As for the rest, it’s a quiet spot for a coffee or a drink, but don’t ask for more than that.

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