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To the point Our review of Undercover Tourist, the platform to buy discounted theme park tickets in the United States.

Undercover Tourist is a great place to buy discounted US theme park tickets. I had the opportunity to test it recently during a trip to Walt Disney World.

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Undercover Tourist : the parks


Magic Kingdom-13
Plateforme Undercover Tourist Disney World
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Disney California Family
Disneyland California Family Destination

Undercover Tourist : other advantages

Please note: tickets purchased through Undercover Tourist are refundable (for a 5% fee) unlike those purchased directly from the theme parks.

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Also, you can possibly benefit from other promotions after buying discounted theme park tickets through Undercover Tourist: discounted car rental, discounted hotel rooms, etc.

undercover promo rental car

Finally, Undercover Tourist offers a must-have tool to consult before buying discounted theme park tickets: the Crowd Calendar.

For each of the parks, you can see essential information such as:

  • Opening hours
  • Generally occupied or recommended park
  • Public holidays
  • Special celebrations in the parks
  • And more!
undercover crowd calendar

Undercover Tourist: the best credit card to pay your tickets with

Magic Kingdom Disney
hsbc undercover tourist en
undercover tourist apply points hsbc en

Bottom Line

Undercover Tourist is the best platform to buy your theme park tickets at discounted prices! Remember to use the right credit card to pay!

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