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Selina: a paradise for nomadic workers

To the point Here's my review on Selina, a convenient solution for all, especially nomads, to book a room at exceptional rates.

Selina is one of the fastest growing hotel brands in the world. It combines accommodation with work, leisure, wellness and local experiences. Tailored for today’s nomadic travelers, Selina provides visitors with a global infrastructure for seamless travel and work abroad.

Founded in Central America in 2015 (specifically Panama), each Selina property is designed in partnership with local artists and designers, breathing new life into existing buildings in interesting locations around the world, from cities to remote beaches and jungles.

Selina currently has over 80 locations, mainly in Latin America and increasingly in Europe. The company plans to expand rapidly in Europe and the United States, targeting 400 locations and 100,000 beds by 2023.

The vast majority of Selina’s are exceptionally well located (in the middle of town, in the jungle or near the beach).

Selina carte hôtels

General concept

Whether you’re on vacation or can work remotely (or from anywhere, like a true nomad), Selina offers several options.

It is possible to book a private room at exceptional rates. Want to spend a month in Medellín? It will cost you just under $700 USD for a small personal room (the Micro) for the entire month of November.

You don’t mind sharing your space with others? For the month, it’s US$124 for a bed in an 18-person dormitory. Not bad, right?

And for 6 beds, it’s $299. That’s $10 a night for 30 nights. This is just one example; some establishments (Mexico, in particular) occasionally offer a private room for this same price range.

You will pay in advance or on the spot in the local currency.

My advice: use a card with no conversion fee, such as the HSBC World Elite® Mastercard®.

You then have the choice of using the free WiFi, which is quite fast, and sitting at one of the tables in the common areas to go about your personal or professional business, or paying for access to the shared workspace (CoWork, explained below) for a day, a week or for the whole month. Or go exploring! You don’t have to work to choose to stay in a Selina.

It is also possible (and advantageous) to book your excursions with Selina. They deal with local companies, everything is well organized and safe. The prices are alright and sometimes even lower than with other tourist companies.

Shuttle buses (between Selina establishments and the airport, or from one Selina to another) are also available for a small fee. For example, a transfer between La Aurora (GUA) and the Selina in Antigua costs US$19 with the local carrier, and US$15 with Selina. A small difference, but still! When you consider that you can eat very well for very little money in Guatemala, a little goes a long way ?


What about nomadic workers like me? Selina’s offer the CoLive program: a room (or bed in a dormitory) for a fixed price per month, which includes:

  • the bed,
  • unlimited access to the CoWork space,
  • a free wellness activity every day (yoga, surfing, etc.)
  • and discounts for the purchase of meals or activities.

The price allows you to sleep for thirty consecutive nights in up to three different Selina establishments.

Selina établissements

It is also possible to purchase a CoLive Flex package, which allows you to use the nights as you wish. They do not have to be consecutive, but you must use at least three per stay.

Selina forfait

Selinas also offer packages that include a stay, lunch and excursions, and even wellness retreats, as desired. The choice of destinations is more limited, but still quite interesting:

Selina expériences

Shared workspaces (CoWork)

Nomadic workers have spaces designed to support efficient work for all. Pens, printer, markers, paper, Post-it, table lamps… everything is provided. Even a faster dedicated WiFi network.

A soundproof room is also available for those who need to attend a meeting or make calls, for example. For a fee, another meeting room is also available.

Selina réunions

Obviously, everyone’s collaboration is essential as in any CoWorking space! Don’t forget to bring your headphones (or earbuds) if you want to listen to your own music or hear your boss talk for an hour ?


Selina’s are a very affordable type of establishment that will suit those who wish to enjoy the relaxed and colourful atmosphere of these “hostels”.

The different options will accommodate your budget, according to your preferences. And if you want to meet other travellers like yourself, look no further – friendships await!

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