Promo Avion Récompenses Featured

Avion Rewards: Get 25% more value for paying your purchases with points!

To the point Until January 24, 2023, get 25% more value on your Avion Rewards points by redeeming them for account credit, bill payments or transfers.

Avion credit card holders

RBC Bank is running an early year promotion as part of its Avion Rewards program.

Until January 24, 2023, you can increase your value by 25% using one of the following options:

  • Pay credit card with points
  • Pay Back a purchase with points
  • Paying bills with points
  • Send money with points through Interac
Promo Avion Récompenses

RBC Avion Visa cardholders can typically earn $58 for every 10,000 points. With this promotion, they get $72.50 in credit for the same number of points.

Promo Avion Échange points

Usually, this option is not very advantageous since it allows you to use 10,000 points for a credit of $58 (a value of 0.58 cents per point – while we value the Airline point at 1.6 cents) :

Redemption Value
Fixed fare airfare schedule 2.3 ¢ / point
Transfer to British Airways Executive Club 1.7¢ / point
Transfer to Asia Miles 1.5 ¢ / point
Transfer to American AAdvantage 1.5 ¢ / point
Trips booked and paid for with the card 1¢ / point
Transfer to WestJet Rewards 1¢ / point
Transfer to HBC Rewards 1¢ / point
Donations 1¢ / point
RBC Investment Products 0.8 ¢ / point
Merchandise 0.75 ¢ / point
Gift Cards 0.7¢ / point
Statement credit 0.58 ¢ / point
Average value 1. / point

As part of this promotion, you can get 25% more value from your Avion points: 10,000 points = $72.50 (a value of 0.72 cents per point). This is well below the value calculated by Milesopedia, but if you need credit to help pay off your account balance, it may be beneficial to redeem them before the offer deadline.

Other RBC Cardholders

Holders of other RBC credit cards can also take advantage of a 20% enhanced redemption rate for the same options mentioned above:

  • Pay credit card with points
  • Pay Back a purchase with points
  • Paying bills with points
  • Send money with points through Interac

Credit cards eligible for this offer include: RBC Rewards+ Visa, RBC Rewards Visa Gold, Signature RBC Rewards Visa, RBC Rewards Visa Preferred, Rewards Visa Preferred, ION Visa, ION+ Visa and RBC Visa Classic II Student.

Pay credit card with points

The Pay Credit Card with Points option allows you to use your points to pay off your RBC Rewards credit card balance. Here’s how:
  • Log in to Avion Rewards, then click on “Transfer” in the top navigation menu. At this screen, select the “Pay your credit card now” option.
  • Select the number of points you want to redeem.
  • Redeem your points.
Please allow two to three days for the refund to appear on your credit card account.

Bottom Line

In our opinion, this is not the most advantageous way to use your Avion Rewards points, even with the enhanced redemption rate. However, if it can help you reduce your total credit card balance and avoid paying interest, it can be beneficial to you.

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