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A380 mini-round the world with Aeroplan miles!

To the point Check out my spring 2021 itinerary in first and business class, in A380, booked with Aeroplan Miles!

It’s been a little over a year since I read milesopedia every day. I read the beginners’ guides and learned a lot from the Facebook community.

Even though I redeemed my Marriott Bonvoy points for a lot of free hotel nights, I had never used my Aeroplan miles before. Until today. And I wanted to spoil myself!

With the announcement of Etihad Airways’ availability on Aeroplan, I’ve been digging my head in recent days to see how to take advantage of it to maximize my Aeroplan miles.

And knowing that the Airbus A380 has its hours counted, I wanted to integrate it as much as possible in the itinerary!

So I booked a pretty amazing multi-city itinerary, known as Mini-Round the World:

Departure Arrival Cabin Company / Aircraft
Quebec Toronto Economy Air Canada – A321
Toronto Honolulu Business Air Canada – B787
Honolulu Tokyo First ANA – A380
Tokyo Seoul Business Asiana – A321
Seoul Abu Dhabi First Etihad – A380
Abu Dhabi New-York First Etihad – A380
New-York Montreal Business Air Canada – ERJ
Montreal Quebec Business Air Canada – DHC

This route includes a stop (Honolulu) in addition to my destination (Tokyo). The rest are connections for fewer than 24 hours.

Of course, the highlight of this itinerary consists of a:

  • 10-hour Business Class flight on B787 from Air Canada between Toronto and Honolulu
  • 10-hour First class on an A380 from All Nippon Airways between Honolulu and Tokyo
  • 10-hour first-class flight on an A380 from Etihad Airways between Seoul and Abu Dhabi
  • 14-hour First Class flight on an A380 from Etihad Airways between Abu Dhabi and New York

Knowing that this route was complex, I had to call Aeroplan. After an hour, and the endorsement of a supervisor, the e-ticket was in my inbox!

Air Canada offers a direct business class flight between Toronto and Honolulu with a Boeing 787, which is the flagship of Air Canada:

air canada 787 signature feuille d’Érable

Between Honolulu and Tokyo, the Japanese airline All Nippon Airways has set up 3 brand new Airbus A380s, beautifully painted:

First A Ana Rolls Out Of Paintshop

For this 10-hour flight, I will appreciate the Service and Japanese gastronomy in First Class:

Ana Siege
Ana Sieges

Etihad Airways First Class, on Airbus A380 – called First Class Apartment – is renowned for being one of the best in the world with a bed, comfy seat and shower! Read Jean-Maximilien’s review on his flight from Abu Dhabi to Paris.

etihad airways first class apartment a380 22

So it will be 2 flights of 10 hours and 14 hours. in this great luxury!

ORG DSC04138
etihad airways first class apartment a380 51

And in between, I would go “rest” at the First Class Lounge in Abu Dhabi.

etihad airways first class lounge abu dhabi 08


The cost of this dream journey: 210,000 Aeroplan miles and $250 in taxes!

While the public rate is more than 25,000 CA$!

Only points and miles can give us that type of luxury, and I can’t wait for next spring to experience this! What’s more to see the sakura flowering period in Japan, with a stop in Hawaii on the way in!

A big thank you to milesopedia, and especially to Jean-Maximilien and the entire Facebook community for everything you’ve taught me!

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