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Review: Sonder rental in New Orleans

Hotel Sonder New Orleans
Country United States
City New Orleans
Room Type Apartment
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Sonder New Orleans
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To the point Discover our review following our stay in a beautiful Sonder apartment in New Orleans.... we'll explain this new concept!

After a one night stay at the Q&C HotelBar New Orleans, Autograph Collection, we invite your to discover our Sonder apartment in New Orleans.

What is Sonder?

The Sonder platform was invented in Montreal in 2014. Since then, it has been gradually conquering North America and gradually expanding into Europe.

sonder cities
North American cities already covered by Sonder

It meets a need: that of people who want the comfort provided by an apartment and the services provided by a hotel. And in this market, there are few players.

Sonder offers more than 2,500 apartments of all sizes (studio to… 6 bedrooms!) in nearly a dozen North American cities…. and has already won over 200,000 customers!

The advantage: no surprises on arrival that the apartments found on Airbnb can have. Comfort is assured, as is the cleanliness of the premises: it’s similar to entering a top-of-the-range hotel suite room.

sonder design
Sonder design


Once the booking is made, Sonder will send you all the details to access your apartment. No need for keys, different access codes are provided to you: front door of the building, door of the apartment, WIFI code.

You also have a number that can be reached 24 hours a day by phone or SMS in case of need, which acts as a concierge: you need something, we bring it to you (e.g. a Firestick or Chromestick to see online content on your TV).


So here we are at the door of our Sonder apartment building in New Orleans.

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Sonder Apartment – New Orleans

The building smells new: it is probably a completely renovated industrial building. All the apartments on the 4 floors belong to…. Sonder.

The Sonder Apartment in New Orleans

As we enter the apartment, we notice one thing: it is bathed in light due to its position in the corner of the building!

sonder new orleans 08
Apartment Sonder – New Orleans
sonder new orleans 20
Apartment Sonder – New Orleans

The lounge

We are immediately charmed by the choice of furniture.

sonder new orleans 09
sonder new orleans 11

The kitchen

It has a well-equipped kitchen

sonder new orleans 10
Living room

With all the necessary utensils. It smells new!

sonder new orleans 19
sonder new orleans 17

Sonder has even left small welcome gifts for all guests, which are custom to each city. In this cas, we got coffee from New Orleans and different kinds of chips.

sonder new orleans 23

There is a very small dining room next to the entrance. Convenient for our lunches and dinners (we promise you, Arthur and Alexandra did not paint the frame 😆 ) .

sonder new orleans 07
Dining room

The master bedroom and its bathroom

Let’s move on to the two bedrooms. The master bedroom first:

sonder new orleans 02
1st Chamber
sonder new orleans 03
1st Chamber

The bedding is very comfortable! On the other hand, if you like to sleep in the dark, go on your way. In this month of July, you’ll wake up at dawn with these white curtains.

There’s a very large dressing room in this bedroom, in which we were able to put all our luggage and the stroller.

sonder new orleans 04

An adjoining bathroom with shower + bathtub + toilet, again rather exceptional in our eyes for an apartment on short term rental!

sonder new orleans 05
1st Bathroom
sonder new orleans 22
1st Bathroom

Our children enjoyed their bubble bath!

sonder new orleans 06
1st Bathroom

The children’s room and its bathroom

Let’s go to the children’s room on the other side of the apartment.

sonder new orleans 12
2nd room

It also has a dressing room.

sonder new orleans 13
2nd room

Between this bedroom and the second bathroom there is a washing machine / dryer. How convenient!

sonder new orleans 14
Washer and dryer

The second bathroom has a very large shower and it’s high-quality!

sonder new orleans 15
2nd Bathroom

Of course, all linen is provided including many towels.

sonder new orleans 16
2nd Bathroom

As well as high-end shower products.

sonder new orleans 21
2nd Bathroom

Bottom Line

This Sonder apartment is of excellent workmanship. With two children, the surface area – around 1000 sq. ft. – and the layout were ideal!

In the end, the cost per night was equivalent to our first night’s hotel in New Orleans… that’s how good Sonder‘s value is! On future trips to cities covered by Sonder, we’re sure to repeat the experience!

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