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Review of the Lounge and Delta Flight from LaGuardia to Montreal in Economy Class

Departing Airport La Guardia International Airport
Arrival Airport Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
Flight Carrier Delta Air Lines
Duration 1:30
Cabin Class Economy
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La Guardia International Airport
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To the point Check out our photo report from the Delta Lounge at LaGuardia Airport during our return to Montreal with Delta in Economy Class.

Last flight of our series. We have to go back home, so we still have a short flight to Montreal from New-York.

We arrive on a Sunday morning at JFK, the weather is very nice. The customs is a little long to pass but we leave the airport at 8am to take an Uber vehicle to Brooklyn.

You can admire the view from the renovated promenade while having a coffee.

dl3660 laguardia montreal 19

We are going then to join Manhattan to walk a little. It must be said that we spent the majority of our weekend in planes. So we play tourists.

dl3660 laguardia montreal 20

Then we go to eat near Central Park, at Columbus Circle.

dl3660 laguardia montreal 22

A little nap later in the Central Park lawn and we reach LaGuardia airport.

This airport has a bad reputation because its infrastructure is old. But things are changing: modernization work is underway and the terminals are a bit nicer.

There is a Delta lounge in Terminal D from which we depart. But there is also an American Express Centurion lounge in Terminal B. Both are accessible with the American Express Platinum card.

dl3660 laguardia montreal 1

It has the merit of being recent and bright, two advantages over the rest of LaGuardia.


There is a bar where alcoholic beverages are served.

dl3660 laguardia montreal 3
dl3660 laguardia montreal 8dl3660 laguardia montreal 7

The food offer is mediocre, we don’t expect much more you will tell me.dsc00404

The furniture is new and in the company’s colors.

dl3660 laguardia montreal 9
An office area with a view of the tarmac.

dl3660 laguardia montreal 11dl3660 laguardia montreal 10
In summary, it is a beautiful space in this airport whose public spaces are not very welcoming.
dl3660 laguardia montreal 12

One moves towards our door of embarkation to the basement which lets us foreshadow the use of a bus.dl3660 laguardia montreal 13

But we console ourselves with a nice view on the aircraft, a CRJ900.dl3660 laguardia montreal 15dl3660 laguardia montreal 14

The First Class with a 2-1 configuration.dl3660 laguardia montreal 16dl3660 laguardia montreal 17

The rest of the cabin is new. With normal seats, i.e. not ironing boards.

dl3660 laguardia montreal 18
No picture of the rest of the flight, we collapsed from fatigue 🙂

Bottom line

A classic North American regional flight: small aircraft, airports with questionable access and lounges.

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4.4 Milesopedia Rating

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