Review: Lufthansa B747-8 – First Class

Departing Airport Frankfurt
Arrival Airport Boston
Flight Carrier Lufthansa
Flight Number LH1059
Duration 7:40
Aircraft Boeing 747
Cabin Class First Class
Cost 70,000 miles
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Check out Audrey’s review on her first trip in First Class on Lufthansa with Aeroplan Miles! A first for me!

Foreword: My Air Transat trip

I had to make a quick 3 day return trip to France for a wedding. Alone – for once – without Jean-Maximilien AND the children!

We had booked my plane ticket a long time ago: a direct round trip Montreal – Marseille / Nice – Montreal in economy class on Air Transat for around 500$. Unbeatable.

And since my mother was visiting Montreal, it was an opportunity for us to take the same flight from Montreal to Marseille. I won’t dwell too much on this flight, after all “common”, but here are some pictures anyway.

A visit to the National Bank Lounge at Montreal-Trudeau

Since I have a Platinum Card®, I have access for myself and a guest to the National Bank lounge at the Montreal-Trudeau airport. This one was rather full on this Thursday evening.

air transat yul mrs 07

But it was still possible to sit down without too much difficulty.

air transat yul mrs 10

As a mother, I appreciate the small space reserved for the children. A chance tonight, I’ll be able to sip my glass of champagne without having to deal with my own!

air transat yul mrs 12

My flight on Air Transat to Marseille

I then went to the boarding gate for my flight to Marseille.

air transat yul mrs 15

The boarding will be done without any problem and I discover a cabin with a bluish atmosphere…. from my middle seat, next to my mother. It is an Airbus A330.

air transat yul mrs 19

Legroom is minimal “from the top” of my 1.65m… my iPad will have to find another place for my lap.

air transat yul mrs 18

I do appreciate the size of the screen (which includes a USB port) and the multimedia choices:

air transat yul mrs 17

The food will be correct.

air transat yul mrs 20

Summary of my flight on Air Transat

Air Transat did what we asked them to do: get us from point A to point B, in a direct way for a very reasonable price! The service was very good and our flight arrived on time.

However, once you get used to the comfort of business class thanks to points & miles, it is difficult to “go back down” to economy. And after a sleepless night in the plane, and a nice jetlag, a surprise awaits me at the arrival.

My return to Lufthansa in Business and First Class

I have to thank Maryse B., who, in the facebook group “Travel for free (or almost…!) with your points & miles – milesopedia” put some pressure on Jean-Maximilien to make me come back from France other than with Air Transat.

When I got off the plane, I received messages from Jean-Maximilien asking me if I wanted to come back to Montreal in First Class… with a catch: instead of doing a direct flight from Nice to Montreal of 8 hours, I would have to do Nice-Frankfurt-Boston-Montreal for a trip of about 14 hours…

nce fra bos yul

After all, this would be the first time for me to travel in First Class (one level above Business Class)… and especially to do it alone without the kids: just to pro-fit!

Anyway, I gladly accept… and here you will discover my “beginner’s” journey, left alone in a premium cabin!

My luggage

Having to bring back an extra suitcase, I would have had to pay extra when traveling on my original flight.

Here, no problem, in business class we have the right to 2 suitcases of 23 kgs, and in first class 32 kgs!

lufthansa nce fra 01

This tip is especially for French people, who have to go to France regularly, often for the end of the year celebrations, and who of course receive gifts that will oblige them to check a second (or even a third) suitcase in case of a generous family… It can be interesting to travel in business class for a part of the journey (the outward or return journey depending on the destination) in order to have a much higher baggage allowance! Especially since all airlines now charge even… the first bag! So… thanks to Aeroplan miles!

Check-in and security at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport

This morning, I leave from the terminal 1 – international – of the Nice Côte d’Azur airport. Checking in my luggage will be very fast by going through the “First Business” priority line.

lufthansa nce fra 04

lufthansa nce fra 02

At security, there are 4 lanes, including a priority lane for business/first class and elite travelers.

On the picture below, you can see it on the left screen…

lufthansa nce fra 06

…of course, I don’t see this line and wait in line like everyone else… until I realize my mistake. It’s that I usually manage the children and blindly follow Jean-Maximilien who would spot himself with his eyes closed in an airport!

lufthansa nce fra 08

Many “exotic” destinations (and even my initial flight to Montreal on Air Transat at the bottom of the screen) 😉

lufthansa nce fra 09

A visit to the Library lounge at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport

Jean-Maximilien had already made a report on this lounge here. So I “updated” the photos!

This lounge is available to Priority Pass members. I have a Priority Pass card through the Platinum Card® (which offers unlimited Priority Pass lounge access for the cardholder + one guest). If you only need a few annual accesses, the Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite* Card costs less and offers you 6 annual accesses!

And if you don’t have any access… you can pay 30 euros. Please note that children under 3 years of age have free access.

lufthansa nce fra 13

It is a lounge that reconstitutes a “library”.

lufthansa nce fra 16

However, I find it less pleasant than the other lounge we visited last year, the Canopy, because it does not offer a nice natural light. However, it is very decent in terms of food and seating.

lufthansa nce fra 17 lufthansa nce fra 19

lufthansa nce fra 19a

Boarding to Frankfurt in business class on Lufthansa

Here we go for my first flight of the day, in business class on Lufthansa between Nice and Frankfurt.

lufthansa nce fra 22

I boarded the first passengers. Jean-Maximilien will have selected me the seat 1F in this Airbus A319.

lufthansa nce fra 23

The legroom is pleasant:

lufthansa nce fra 26

A quick look at the control tower of Nice Côte d’Azur Airport

lufthansa nce fra 24 lufthansa nce fra 25

A smooth take-off. Unfortunately, I could not see the city of Nice and its Promenade des Anglais one last time being on the right side of the aircraft.

lufthansa nce fra 31

First meal of the day with this “German” lunch.

lufthansa nce fra 32

Accompanied by small sweets.

lufthansa nce fra 33

I don’t mind looking at the landscape as we fly over the Alps.

lufthansa nce fra 34

After a very short flight of less than an hour, we arrived in Frankfurt… and this is where my First Class adventure really begins!

Transfer by Porsche to Frankfurt airport

Our arrival will not be at a door, but on the tarmac. When I got off the plane, I was greeted by a driver while the other passengers had to take the bus.

lufthansa first class lounge frankfurt 01

This one proposes me to immortalize the moment beside this Porsche Panamera.

lufthansa first class lounge frankfurt 02 lufthansa first class lounge frankfurt 03

It is very impressive to walk on the tarmac in the middle of all these planes.

lufthansa first class lounge frankfurt 06

My driver drops me off near the Lufthansa First Class lounge.

The Lufthansa First Class lounge in Frankfurt

After a few minutes of walking, I find myself in the Lufthansa First Class lounge.

lufthansa first class lounge frankfurt 10 lufthansa first class lounge frankfurt 11

Here is a general visit in pictures:

And more details about the buffet and drinks:

Cigar lovers will be served:

lufthansa first class lounge frankfurt 31

Unfortunately, I don’t really have time to enjoy all these facilities: my connection is short (less than an hour). Jean-Maximilien made the same trip a few weeks after me and will soon share his experience.

Boarding to Boston in First Class on Lufthansa

The receptionist at the lounge picks me up to let me know that my driver is there to take me and two other passengers to my flight to Boston. There too, it is very impressive to arrive at the foot of the plane. We will board via a gangway reserved for First and Business Class passengers.

lufthansa first fra bos 01

I arrive in the First Class cabin, located in the nose of this Boeing 747-800.

lufthansa first fra bos 32

This is the view I would have from my seat:

lufthansa first fra bos 04

The stewardess calls me by my last name and offers me a glass of champagne to start the flight.

lufthansa first fra bos 09

Little moment of happiness!

lufthansa first fra bos 05

I take the opportunity to take different pictures of my “living space” for the next 8 hours!

lufthansa first fra bos 06

There is storage space both in the ottoman under the TV, and in the trunks on the side of the portholes.

lufthansa first fra bos 07


lufthansa first fra bos 10

We enjoy being “in the nose of the plane”.

lufthansa first fra bos 13

The remote control is hidden…

lufthansa first fra bos 14

…as well as the functions of the headquarters!

lufthansa first fra bos 15

The hostess then brings me the menu of the day as well as my travel kit, and a nice pair of First Class pajamas…

lufthansa first fra bos 08

… that I could use again 🙂

lufthansa first fra bos 16

lufthansa first fra bos 17

First Class flight on Lufthansa

Shortly after takeoff, the service begins.

lufthansa first fra bos 49

After Champagne, I’ll go on with red wine!

lufthansa first fra bos 30

Here are the successive dishes, each one as good as the other!

lufthansa first fra bos 42

We appreciate the size of the tray and the small white tablecloth!

lufthansa first fra bos 50

What better way to start than with caviar?

lufthansa first fra bos 51

Then a succession of dishes:

lufthansa first fra bos 54

And a good meat, accompanied by a new glass of wine…

lufthansa first fra bos 55

We don’t say no to a good cheese platter…

lufthansa first fra bos 56

I must admit, I am over the moon. The hostess sees it and offers me a small photo at the time of the dessert 🙂

lufthansa first fra bos 57
Audrey, in Lufthansa First Class

After a quick passage to put me in pyjamas in the toilets (very big…)

I find my armchair put in bed position for a well deserved nap. A mattress topper was added by the hostess as well as a good comforter and a soft pillow. The separation on the left was raised so that I could be “in my bubble”.

lufthansa first fra bos 61

How can you not enjoy it?

lufthansa first fra bos 62

After a good 3 hour nap (champagne and multiple glasses of wine helping…), I’m ready to… eat again! With a good Asian green tea to purify my circulatory system which has been “swimming in alcohol” for the last 2 days between wedding, birthday and party with friends.

lufthansa first fra bos 66

We arrive soon on Boston… and we always appreciate the view from our personal portholes:

lufthansa first fra bos 79

Bottom line

Some will say that this trip was a waste of time (14 hours versus a direct flight of 8 hours). But what can I say about the flight conditions and the rest I got during my trips! I was pampered “almost” from start to finish (the connection in Boston is not the most obvious).

I was able to rest and even take a nice nap, something I rarely get to do in flight. Eating fine food such as caviar, a first for me. Have priority boarding so no waiting.

I finally understand the interest of flying in Premiere during the day, since it’s no longer “you have to be quick, take the shortest flight to finish this ordeal of the economy class” but rather “you have to enjoy yourself and take advantage of the flight too, It’s an experience to fly in these conditions.”

So for sure I would never have done this with the kids, Premiere not being suitable for them and being a loss “in miles” since they are too young to enjoy this type of flight. However, I would gladly do it again, alone or as a couple! And that’s what miles are all about… aeroplan miles!

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