Review: Singapore Airlines B772 | Business Class | SIN-SGN

Departing Airport Singapore Changi Airport
Arrival Airport Ho Chi Minh City Airport
Flight Carrier Singapore Airlines
Flight Number SQ186
Duration 2:10
Aircraft Airbus A330
Cabin Class Business Class
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Singapore Changi Airport
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To the point Here is our photo report of the flight on Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Hô Chi Minh in Business Class with aeroplan and visit of the SilverKris Lounge!

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In the continuation of my trip to Asia thanks to Aeroplan miles, here’s my short-haul flight with Singapore Airlines.

After a pleasant stay in the city-state where we enjoyed the cosmopolitan culinary culture, we leave for Ho Chi Minh City. This is a stopover on an Aeroplan award ticket that allows up to two.

img 0891
Uber car to Changi airport

We arrive after about twenty minutes in front of the doors dedicated to the front classes.

img 0892
dedicated Business and First Class gates for Singapore Airlines at Changi Airport

A counter is reserved for the business class, few people at that time, so we are quickly taken care of.

img 0893
Business Class counter at Changi Airport

img 0894

After a long passage at the passport control, we follow the indications to reach the lounge.

img 0895

Changi Airport is known for its decoration, especially its carpets. It may be a bit busy but it’s better than some terminals with a very sterile environment.

img 0896

The SilverKris Show

The lounge is located on the second floor of the terminal but it is blind, too bad because I would have liked to spot the aircraft with companies that I rarely see in North America.

In the restaurant area, there are common high tables with stools.

img 0897
high table in the lounge
img 0898
dining area in the KrisFlyer lounge

The food offer is really correct: good and diversified.

img 0899
Soba kit
img 0900
Salad and fruit point
img 0901
hot dishes

img 0902

img 0903
the offer of drinks is also satisfactory

img 0904

The local and some international press are present. I read an article about a Saudi diplomatic representative accused of molesting a female employee in a hotel, does this remind you of anything?

img 0905

The living room is classic in its design but a bit old-fashioned, the armchairs have seen better days.

img 0906

I take the opportunity to have something to eat. The problem with doing reviews like this is that it feels like you are always eating or drinking.

fullsizeoutput 8a

It’s time to head for the gate. Changi Airport is an attraction in itself. I hope to come back and enjoy it more.

img 0910

Our aircraft, an Airbus A330-300, is the equivalent of the Airbus A320 used in Europe for short and medium-haul flights. We arrive as often in Asia by a closed boarding room where we pass the security control.

img 0912
View on the tarmac
img 0913
Boarding room with security checkpoint
img 0914
Airbus A330-300 of Singapore Airlines
img 0915
Boarding room

Flight Singapore – Ho Chi Minh City

The boarding begins and the carpeting continues even in the pier.

img 0916
thrown towards the device

The interior is a bit old, but it is light years ahead of the business class in Europe and even in North America.

img 0918
Business class cabin – Airbus A330-300 of Singapore Airlines
img 0919 e1489821954542
Blanket and pillow
img 0922
the headset
img 0921
closed storage in the front seat…
img 0927
and on the side with also sockets
img 0923
the power outlets in the seat

A glass of champagne is served before takeoff. Flight attendants are already very present.

img 0920

The flight lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes but a dinner is served with starter, main course and dessert.

img 0926
wine list
img 0925
continuation of the wine list
fullsizeoutput 84

It’s time to leave. We take off directly towards the West then towards the North in direction of Vietnam.

img 0933
take-off from Changi airport
img 0936
departure from Singapore

img 0939

The “snack” is served, it’s still a lot of food!

img 0940

It’s time to eat and take a nap and we approach our destination. The arrival will be a little tumultuous because in the middle of a thunderstorm at the beginning of the evening in these regions with tropical climate. In any case, it makes beautiful clouds.

img 0942

img 0943
Early evening arrival in stormy weather
img 0944
Arrival in Ho Chi Minh City

Bottom line

I have already done some regional flights in Asia with Asiana and Thai Airways. The trend is confirmed: pleasant flights on large aircraft with long-haul service and Singapore Airlines did not disappoint.

This post is also available in: FR

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