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American Express Travel: Save $125 to $200 on your next booking

To the point Cardholders who receive this AMEX offer online can save $125 or $200 on a future booking via the American Express Travel platform.

Over the past few days, we’ve seen a number of interesting offers appear in AMEX online offers!

The latest is from American Express’ online travel booking portal, which offers a $125 account credit after spending at least $500. I received this offer on my American Express Cobalt® Card.

offre en ligne amex voyage

Si vous êtes titulaire d’une carte de crédit American Express, vous pourriez aussi avoir une autre offre légèrement différente sur une autre carte de crédit, offrant 200 $ de crédit après avoir effectué 800 $ d’achats sur American Express Voyage. C’est le cas de plusieurs membres de notre équipe qui l’ont reçue via la Carte de PlatineMD d’American Express et la Carte de Platine entrepriseMD d’American Express.

Dans les deux cas, il s’agit d’un excellent retour de 25 % sur vos réservations de voyage!

Conditions of the offer

To take advantage of the offer, you must first meet these criteria:

  • Being an American Express credit cardholder
  • Have received theAMEX offer online on one of your credit cards
  • Register for the offer (mandatory step)
  • Reach the minimum spending through the portal before the offer expiry date (August 22, 2023)

AMEX online offers are targeted and available in limited quantities. We advise you to register as soon as you receive the offer, as quantities are limited. Depending on the card you hold and the use you make of it, you may not have received this offer, or quantities may have run out.

What’s more, as mentioned in the terms and conditions, the offer is only applicable to hotel reservations and car rentals. Flight and bundle bookings are therefore not eligible for this offer.

Note that it is also possible to get the credit after making several cumulative purchases. For example, if you make two different reservations, such as a car rental and a hotel stay, and the total amount of the two purchases exceeds the required amount ($500 or $800, depending on the offer received), you’ll get the account credit.

The most important thing is to have paid for your reservations with the card on which you received the offer, and to make sure you have done so before the offer expires.

Are you having trouble using the American Express Voyage booking portal? Use the English version, that should solve the problem.

Other AMEX online travel offers

American Express Canada has launched several online travel savings offers in recent weeks, including with Norwegian Cruise Line, United Airlines, Luxury Escapes and QANTAS Airways. All offers are listed and regularly updated here:

We give you plenty of strategies for paying for your travel with points and miles, but sometimes using AMEX offers online can pay off just as well!

Since the end of 2021, I’ve managed to get $570 in credit on flights booked with American Airlines and United thanks to online offers! And that’s without counting all the other credits obtained through other offers targeting everyday expenses.

These offers alone more than cover the annual fee for my American Express Cobalt® Card which is why I keep it in my wallet year after year.

offres amex voyage

Bottom line

To save up to 25% on your next hotel reservation or car rental, be sure to register for this AMEX offer online and make your purchases by August 22, 2023.

It’s worth planning your next trip with this great offer in mind!

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