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milesopedia, the reference site for points and miles in Canada!

To the point milesopedia is the reference site and the first French-speaking blog to tell you about the best credit cards, reward programs, news and promotions available for you!

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Welcome to milesopedia!

This blog was created after realizing something: there was no blog in Canada that listed the different rewards/loyalty programs… in the French language. It was therefore difficult for the French-speaking public to find their way through the “jungle” of loyalty programs.

milesopedia wants to be the first French-speaking blog to tackle the subject. And what a vast subject!

MILESOPEDIA log0 rgbAnswers to questions you may have

Why is it called “milesopedia”?

According to Wikipedia, the term “miles” represents an Anglo-Saxon unit of length. In Quebec, this is written in French: “milles”.

Why didn’t you call the blog “millesopedia”?

Quite simply because the term “miles” is much more recognized worldwide than “milles” AND – according to Wikipedia – all airlines use the term “miles” in their rewards programs in order to build customer loyalty.

Why add “pedia”?

The suffix “-pedia” means learning. And that’s what milesopedia is all about – helping you learn the ins and outs of rewards programs!

Why “o”?

In order to link “miles” and “pedia”! The “o” transformed into a globe on the logo corresponds to the theme of the blog: miles and travels!

How the website works

Let’s now learn together how the milesopedia site works.

Getting started with miles on milesopedia

You will find a first section to start with if you are new: The “Beginner’s Guide“. Here you can read basic information on how loyalty programs work in Canada.

beginner's guide

Learn about Canadian credit cards with milesopedia

Then, in a second section, you will be able to find a database of the different credit cards offered by the major Canadian banks and the benefits they provide.

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Master the different loyalty programs with milesopedia

In the third section of the site, you will find a regularly updated database of the various loyalty programs offered by airlines, hotel groups, banks, car rental companies and many more!

How do you earn points? How to use them? Which card to use? You will find the answer to all these questions in this section.


Find quality information on milesopedia

The fourth section of the site is dedicated to reviews of the different flights, hotels, airport lounges visited as well as several travel guides to help you prepare your future trips!

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Finally, all the latest news about reward programs can be found on milesopedia. Don’t miss any more promotions or news: subscribe to our newsletter now!

Portrait of Our Community: Points And Shopping On Black Friday!
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This post is also available in: FR

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Jean-Maximilien is an expert in Canada and France about Loyalty programs, Credit cards and Travel. He is the Founding President of Milesopedia.

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