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COVID-19: end of border and transport restrictions

To the point As of October1, Transport Canada will cease border measures related to COVID-19, including random testing, masking and proof of vaccination.

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Last week’s rumours have now been confirmed by Transport Canada: the restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic at the borders, to board a train or a flight or a boat bound for Canada, are over.

End of measures

The following measures will cease as of October 1:

  • Showing proof of vaccination
  • Getting tested before or after arriving in Canada
  • Do a quarantine or isolation
  • Submit information on ArriveCAN before entering the country
  • Wearing a mask on a plane or train
  • Report symptoms potentially related to COVID-19 upon arrival in the country

The details

All travellers who have not been vaccinated will be allowed to enter the country without having to undergo a 14-day quarantine. The vaccination requirement was removed on June 20, allowing people with or without the vaccine to travel within Canada by air or rail without having to show proof of vaccination.

As of April 1, 2022, we no longer need to show a negative test result to enter Canada, but there was always a chance of having to undergo a random test when crossing the border, which will no longer be the case as of October.

And finally, completing the ArriveCAN application when entering Canada will become optional on October1 for all those entering Canada by air, sea or land. And finally, it will no longer be mandatory to wear a mask on board an airplane, a train or a cruise ship.

Most countries had already moved away from the mask requirement, including countries such as Australia and New Zealand which were among the strictest in terms of restrictions, so it was a natural transition to do for Canada.

Bottom line

The end of these requirements by the federal government heralds the end of the pandemic as we have known it. There are now very few COVID-19 related measures that affect travel preparation. The most important thing is to keep checking the requirements of each destination where you travel, since they change from one country to another.

We can now put our preparation efforts into maximizing our points for travel. And fortunately, many rewards programs and credit cards allow us to do just that.

This post is also available in: FR

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