GIVE A MILE: Do a good deed with your points and miles

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The participants of the milesopedia mini-conference were able to discover a Canadian initiative to help people in need… with points and miles! Description.

Give a mile – Do a good deed with your points & miles!

GIVE A MILE is a foundation that aims to enable families with a seriously ill family member to get an award flight to see each other, perhaps for the last time.

give a mile

This foundation was started by Kevin Crowe who accompanied his best friend in his last moments with his family.

The foundation’s model is simple:

  • 100% of mileage donations go directly to flights and associated travel costs (taxes, transfers)
  • Give A Mile Foundation’s administrative costs are kept separate through parallel fundraising efforts
  • Full transparency via the Give A Mile website
  • Easy donations through Aeroplan’s partnership with Give A Mile (no fee) and other loyalty programs

Milesopedia is proud to be the first Canadian francophone initiative to partner with Give a mile and is committed to supporting this cause among its members!

Why is milesopedia committed to Give A Mile?

As the only French-speaking site related to points & miles, it was only natural for milesopedia to commit to supporting Give A Mile and to invite its readers to do so as well!

But Give A Mile was especially meaningful to me because I myself was facing a difficult situation and I was glad that my Aeroplan miles could be used when I needed them most.

milesopedia campaign on Give a mile

As part of this new collaboration, we decided to try to reach 50,000 miles minimum before the end of 2018!

As promised at the MCM milesopedia, I contributed 25,000 aeroplan miles (and Aeroplan gives an additional 10%). This donation to Give a Mile is 27,500 miles!

give a mile jean maximilien

In fact, our goal of 50,000 miles has already been surpassed… thanks to the MCM participants who have already given! Let’s try to reach 100,000 miles!

And, as of November 25, 2018, we have successfully reached 100,000 miles thanks to the generosity of our readers!

How to donate points or miles to the milesopedia campaign on Give a mile?

Here is the step-by-step process for donating miles to Give a Mile. We took the simplest and most common example via Aeroplan.

1- Go to the milesopedia campaign page on Give a mile

You can go to the Give A Mile homepage and search for “milesopedia”

give a mile aeroplan 00

Or you can go directly to the on the campaign page by clicking on this link.

2- “Donate to this story”

Once on the “Flight Hero: milesopedia” campaign page, click on“Donate to this story“.

give a mile milesopedia

Then Give A Mile will make several suggestions.

3- Choose Aeroplan

The best way to support Give A Mile is through Aeroplan. You can donate a minimum of 1,000 miles, at no charge of course!

Click on“Donate Now“. A pop-up window will appear.

give a mile aeroplan 01

4-Set up your donation with Give A Mile

You will set up your donation on Give A Mile so that the foundation knows what to expect from you. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose the “Flight Hero: Milesopedia” campaign
  2. Indicate the number of miles you will donate via Aeroplan
  3. Click on Donate

At that point, Give A Mile will offer you the option to register or not to register on their site.

give a mile aeroplan 0

5- Go to Aeroplan

Aeroplan has a special page for Give A Mile. Give A Mile will take you there, or this is the one.

On this page, you can make your donation (once registered in your Aeroplan account). Here are the steps to take into account(it is very important to respect the instructions here):

  1. Specify the amount of Aeroplan miles you wish to donate
  2. Indicate “In celebration of a special occasion
  3. Specify:
    1. your email address
    2. Give A Mile’s (
    3. the topic “Milesopedia
    4. the message you want to leave
  4. Then click on “donate”.

give a mile aeroplan 2


6- Confirm your donation via Aeroplan

Finally, on the final screen, you will be able to see all the information about your donation.

If everything is correct, you just have to click on“Confirm Transfer“.

give a mile aeroplan 3

Bottom Line

We thank you for any donation you can make: even 1,000 miles can make a difference… and we know you won’t miss out on any Aeroplan miles if you diligently follow all our tips!

At the time of writing this article, we only need 20 people to donate 1,000 miles to reach our goal of 100,000 miles! And why not consider going beyond it collectively!

This post is also available in: FR

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Jean-Maximilien is an expert in Canada and France about Loyalty programs, Credit cards and Travel. He is the Founding President of Milesopedia.

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