Air Canada acquires 15 Canadian-made Airbus A220-300

To the point Air Canada has announced its next aircraft acquisition of 15 Airbus A220-300s built here in Canada.

With the confirmation of this new Airbus A220 order, Air Canada will increase its total acquisition of this type of aircraft to 60. The airline placed an initial order for 45 aircraft in 2016, which at the time were known as the CS300 from Bombardier C Series.

The aircraft are being delivered in stages, with Air Canada operating 31 aircraft as of today. The airline will receive two more deliveries in 2022, six in 2024/2025, and finally 15 more in 2026.


Environmental commitment

Air Canada is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 across all its operations. The A220 aircraft contributes to this goal by reducing fuel consumption per seat andCO2 emissions by 25% compared to the same aircraft of the previous generation. TheA220 is also 50% quieter than the last generation.

In fact, Air Canada announced the acquisition of other environmentally friendly aircraft last September.


Interesting facts

Some interesting facts about this acquisition:

  • All Airbus A220 aircraft are built in Quebec, in Mirabel to be precise.
  • The aircraft is equipped with 137 seats, 12 in business class (2-2 configuration) and 125 in economy class (3-2 configuration)
  • The first commercial flight of the aircraft took place in January 2020, and the first routes using them were Montreal-Seattle and Toronto-San Jose, California.

Curious to know more about the A220? Discover all the details about this aircraft:

Bottom line

While this type of announcement is not surprising or rare from Air Canada, it is important to highlight it for two reasons: its commitment to sustainability and the local workforce since these aircraft are built in Canada. If you fly on an Airbus A220 in the near future, you can say that your flight was on a modern, fuel-efficient aircraft. And who knows, you may even have paid for that flight with your Aeroplan points!

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