Lost Luggage with Air France: What to do?

To the point When you discover a lost suitcase with Air France, you have two options: report it online within 48 hours of arrival, or report it to the Air France KLM baggage department at the airport. Here's what you'll need to do.

Whether arriving to your destination, or returning home; nothing is more worrying than realizing that your luggage is not on the airport conveyor belt. Fortunately, Air France offers many ways to report lost or damaged luggage. Travelers can file an claim online within 48 hours of arrival, or go directly to the airport baggage claim office. In the event of a broken suitcase or missing object, a claim can also be made online or at the airport within 7 days. Here is a detailed explanation of the procedure to follow.

Reporting Missing Baggage

Depending on your arrival airport, Air France offers two options for declaring missing baggage: online within 48 hours of your arrival or with Air France KLM baggage services before leaving the airport.

When your baggage does not arrive at its destination, the authorities recommend that you quickly activate the AirTag system. When you make your declaration, you’ll be able to indicate the exact location of your baggage to optimize search time and baggage delivery.


If you find your baggage missing on arrival, don’t worry. Air France has set up a simple procedure for reporting lost baggage. You have 48 hours from the arrival of your flight to complete the declaration form available online or via the Air France application.

To make the process easier, be sure to bring your baggage receipt with you. You can find the receipt number in several ways: if you checked in at the airport, the baggage receipt was given to you at the baggage drop-off counter. If you have opted for online check-in and printed your boarding pass and baggage label at home, the receipt number will be indicated on the “Baggage receipt” page and in the confirmation e-mail sent to you.

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary information, fill in the online form, including the baggage receipt number. Following your declaration, you will receive a file number. Keep it in a safe place, as you’ll be able to track the progress of your luggage search online.

You can report missing baggage online if you have arrived at one of the following airports:

  • Abidjan, Abu Dhabi, Abuja, Ålesund, Amman, Amsterdam, Antananarivo, Athens, Atlanta
  • Bamako, Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Bilbao, Bogota, Boston, Brussels, Buenos Aires
  • Cancun, Caracas, Chicago
  • Dakar, Detroit, Djibouti, Doha, Dubai, Düsseldorf
  • Yerevan
  • Fort-de-France, Frankfurt, Freetown
  • Mainland France
  • Geneva, Gothenburg
  • Hamburg, Hanover, Helsinki, Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Houston
  • Jakarta, Johannesburg
  • Kristiansand, Kuala Lumpur
  • Lagos, Cape Town, Linköping, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Los Angeles, Lomé, Luanda, Luxembourg
  • Madrid, Malé, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Montevideo, Munich
  • Ndjamena, New York-John F. Kennedy, Niamey, Nouakchott
  • Oslo, Ouagadougou
  • Panama, Pointe-à-Pitre, Port Harcourt, Prague, Punta Cana
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Saint-Denis de La Réunion, Saint-Domingue, Saint-Martin, San Francisco, Sandefjord, Santiago du Chili, Shanghai, Singapore, Stavanger, Stockholm, Stuttgart
  • Tbilisi, Trieste, Trondheim
  • Vienna
  • Washington, Wuhan
  • Zagreb

At the Airport

In some airports, it is impossible to report missing baggage online. If you notice that your baggage is missing before you have left the arrival airport, it is essential that you go directly to the Air France baggage department or its local representative. Before leaving the airport, you will be asked to fill in a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) form to officially report the situation.

At the end of this declaration, you will receive a file number which you should keep carefully, as it will enable you to track the progress of the search for your missing baggage.

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Reporting a Broken Suitcase or Missing Object

You can also file a claim if your suitcase arrives broken or has missing items at the airport.

If your suitcase shows only minor signs of wear, such as scratches, marks and other minor damage, your declaration will not be accepted.


If you notice any damage to your suitcase, it’s important to act quickly. You have 7 days from the date you receive your baggage to file a claim. To do this, you can fill in the online complaints form or contact the customer service department in your country of residence.

Be sure to provide the following documents with your claim: your boarding pass or ticket, your baggage tags, and the repair estimate or statement that your baggage cannot be repaired. Remember to keep the originals of these documents, as they may be required at a later date to process your claim.

You must receive written authorization from Air France for any exchange or repair. Without this authorization, the costs incurred will not be covered.

If you find an item missing from your baggage, you also have 7 days from receipt of your baggage to make a claim by filling in this online form.

If your airport of arrival is in mainland France, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion or French Polynesia, you can pre-complain online to facilitate the processing of your claim. For other arrival airports, we advise you to lodge a complaint directly with the police authorities, to simplify the process.

At the Airport

To report any incident involving your baggage, you must go to theAir France baggage department at your destination airport. A baggage irregularity report will be drawn up there, with all the information required to repair the damage, together with a file number to keep for tracking the progress of your claim.

If you arrive at Paris-Charles de Gaulle or Paris-Orly, you must fill in a letter of complaint on the spot, which will then be forwarded by Air France to the gendarmerie authorities responsible for handling the incident.


Lost baggage with Air France - Claims and Compensation

If your baggage has not been found within 72 hours of notification, Air France asks passengers to complete the inventory and claim form available after identification in the online baggage tracking tool.

In this document, it is essential to provide a detailed description of the contents of your missing luggage. Be sure to mention the value of each item of clothing, pair of shoes, and objects it contained. The accuracy and completeness of this description plays a vital role in identifying your lost luggage. If, unfortunately, your baggage has not been found within 21 days of your declaration, the values you have declared will be used to establish a claim for compensation.

Basic Necessities

If you have incurred essential expenses, such as the purchase of hygiene products or clothing, due to the non-receipt of your baggage, you may be eligible for a refund. You have 21 days from the effective date of receipt of your baggage to submit a refund request.

To do this, simply fill in the online claim form. To ensure that your claim is processed efficiently, please keep all invoices for expenses incurred, as these may be required at a later date to substantiate your claim.

Compensation for Lost Luggage

If you lose your luggage while traveling, you may be entitled to compensation of up to €1,607 on presentation of supporting documents, such as invoices or proof of purchase.

If the sum of your belongings exceeds the compensation amount of €1,607, you can opt for additional insurance to declare the actual value of your belongings when checking in your baggage.

The purchase of additional insurance is not necessarily recommended, however, because of the significant additional costs involved. A practical alternative to avoid these additional costs is to subscribe to a bank card that offers luggage insurance. In France, several cards offer this option, including American Express and Air France KLM American Express, as well as Gold CB Mastercard cards from Fortuneo Banque, Hello Prime Visa from Hello bank!You and Metal from N26, Ultim and Metal from BoursoBank and Visa Premier from BNP Paribas, Société Générale and HSBC France.

By opting for a bank card offering luggage insurance, travelers can benefit from extensive protection for their luggage, without the need to purchase specific supplementary insurance. Before you travel, it’s always a good idea to find out about the benefits offered by your bank card, to make sure you’re well covered in the event of any baggage-related incidents while on the move.

Lost Luggage with Air France - Conclusion

Air France offers various options for reporting lost or damaged luggage and obtaining appropriate compensation. Travelers are advised to familiarize themselves with these procedures to facilitate their journey and reduce the stress and inconvenience of baggage problems. Before you leave, it’s also a good idea to find out about the benefits offered by your bank card, to ensure optimum protection during your travels. By taking these steps and making sure you’re properly covered, you’ll be able to embark on your trip with complete peace of mind.

Lost Baggage with Air France - Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I do if my Luggage is Stolen?

If you find an item missing from your baggage, you also have 7 days from receipt of your baggage to make a claim by filling in this online form.

How do I report damaged luggage?

Depending on your arrival airport, Air France offers two options for reporting lost luggage: online within 48 hours of arrival, or with Air France KLM baggage services before leaving the airport.

How do I make an online claim for lost baggage with Air France?

You have 48 hours from the arrival of your flight to complete the lost luggage declaration form available online or via the Air France app. To do this, you must have your baggage receipt and flight number.

Where can I follow up a claim with Air France?

You can track your claim by following the link Air France will have sent you by e-mail after you have made your claim online or at the airport.

How do I locate a lost suitcase?

The AirTag device allows you to locate a lost suitcase and your personal belongings on a flight with Air France or any other airline or carrier. This allows you to see the exact position of a piece of luggage, optimizing search time and delivery.

Who do I Call if I Lose my Luggage?

If you lose your baggage after an Air France flight, you can report it online within 48 hours of your arrival or to Air France baggage services before leaving the airport.

How much does Air France reimburse for basic necessities in the event of lost baggage?

To ensure that the cost of essential purchases is reimbursed by the carriers and that you receive compensation, it is essential to keep a record of your purchases, including detailed invoices. Air France reimburses the cost of toothbrushes, toothpaste, underwear, clothing, and more. Other airlines offer essential kits.

What compensation do I receive for lost baggage with Air France?

The compensation received depends on the type of baggage lost and its contents. According to the public services, the maximum compensation from an airline or carrier is around 1,667 euros. It’s important to note that you’ll need to provide proof of your losses, including invoices, to obtain compensation. Keep in mind airlines do not reimburse lost personal effects on the basis of their new purchase value but will generally refund a portion of the origional value.

If your airline refuses to compensate you, you can file a claim online with the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC), or contact the Travel Tourism Ombudsman. You have two years to lodge a liability claim against the company or with the courts.

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