How Does the BoursoBank Referral Program Work?

To the point In the banking world, BoursoBank (formerly Boursorama Bank) stands out for its promising referral incentive program. But how does this practice actually work within the financial institution? An overview of the referral program that has everyone talking.

BoursoBank (formerly known as Boursorama Bank) is renowned for its lucrative referral program. This initiative offers new customers and their referrers attractive financial benefits. On one hand, referrers are rewarded for their referrals with a generous bonus, while newcomers also benefit from a welcome bonus.

And beyond the monetary rewards, affiliating with BoursoBank (formerly Boursorama) gives you access to a full range of innovative online banking services. Let’s delve into the details of this winning strategy.

At present, anyone opening a first account with BoursoBank with a referral code can receive up to 150 euros as a welcome bonus, and anyone giving the referral code can receive 30 euros. To receive the welcome bonus without a referral code, click here.

Ex-Boursorama Bank - Information About the Online BoursoBank

Boursorama Banque was founded in 2005, and even back then, it set itself apart by not charging fees on day-to-day transactions. Now known as BoursoBank, the institution is recognized as one of the least expensive banks in France, and focuses on three main activities: online banking, online brokerage and online financial information.

As France’s leading online bank, BoursoBank (formerly Boursorama Bank) offers a range of financial products and services, including bank accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, stock market investments and, last but not least, referral bonuses.


BoursoBank Referrals

Referring with BoursoBank is a game of financial alliances where the benefits multiply. Where clients can invite their friends and family to join the ranks of the online bank. In return, a reward awaits both the referrer and the referred, in a mutually beneficial approach.

Currently, as soon as a referred member opens an account with BoursoBank:

  • the referrer receives 30 euros ;
  • the sponsoree receives a bonus of up to 150 euros, depending on the amount of the first payment.
Payment amount Eligible bonus
Deposit of less than €50 Premium of €0
Deposit between €50 and €299 €30 bonus
Deposit of €300 or more €80 bonus
First-time use of the EasyMove banking mobility service €70 bonus

Since January 2024, the bonus is no longer conditional on the creation of the selected bank account, but rather on the amount of the first deposit made when the account is opened.

This win-win referral offer is attracting many new customers, especially as opening a BoursoBank checking account is free and just a few clicks away.

To refer people and take advantage of this opportunity, all you need to do is hold one of the following BoursoBank products:

  • a bank card
  • a savings account
  • an online stock market product
  • a mortgage
  • consumer credit (personal loan)
  • insurance

Referring BoursoBank - Referrals

You can obtain a referral code as soon as you open a BoursoBank account. Once your account has been created, go to your customer area and click on the “Referral” tab. The referral code will then be displayed and you can pass it on to the person whom you are referring.

You can track the acceptance of your referrals in the “Referral” section, “Track my referrals”. As a referrer, you will receive your reward when the referred person opens a bank account.

If you do not see your referral’s information in the “Follow my referrals” section, this means that your referred person has not yet entered your referral code and that the referral will not be taken into account by BoursoBank.

BoursoBank Referrals - For the Referred

When opening an account, the referred person must remember to include your referral details (surname, first name and referral code) on the account opening form.

They have five days to submit supporting documents, such as proof of identity, bank details, a scan of their handwritten signature, and activate their account. Any application incomplete after 5 working days will have to be redone from step one of the application process.

BoursoBank Referrals - Conditions to Meet

All persons reffered must be over 18 years of age, the referrer can only refer three people per month. The referred must be a new client to BoursoBank, previous customers are not teligible, and the referred individual cannot be under guardianship. They must be of legal age and legally competent.

The person referring may not receive more than 20 referral bonuses over a 12 rolling-month period.

BoursoBank Referrals - Opening a BoursoBank Account

Opening a BoursoBank account couldn’t be easier, as applying for the Welcome and Ultim cards is free and there are no personal income requirements.

You can apply online via this link in three simple steps:

  1. Fill in the checking account application form and choose the bank card that suits you best: Welcome, Ultim or Metal.
  2. You must electronically sign the generated bank account opening contract.
  3. You need to download the documents required to open a checking account:
    a valid piece of official identification, a bank statement (RIB) and a blank sheet of paper with your handwritten signature if you are applying online, or a selfie if you are applying via the mobile application.

If the request is accepted, you will need to make an initial transfer to officially activate your account.

Subscribing to EasyMove Mobile Banking

Are you thinking of switching banks? BoursoBank can take care of transferring all your regular payments and direct debits from your old account with its EasyMove service.

To do this, simply :

  1. Provide us with the RIB of your original bank account, along with your formal agreement to carry out the formalities involved in changing your direct debit on your behalf.
  2. Ask BoursoBank via EasyMove to send your former bank a request to close your account and transfer the remaining balance to BoursoBank.

Review and Conclusion

The benefits of BoursoBank (or Boursorama Banque) referrals extend far beyond the simple referrer-referred relationship, creating a community where mutual support is at the heart of exchanges.

Thanks to BoursoBank (formerly Boursorama) referrals, everyone can benefit from an enriching and benevolent banking experience, while sharing this opportunity with friends and earning a few extra euros.

To receive the welcome bonus without a referral code, click here. You can also take a look at our current welcome offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of a bonus can I receive with a BoursorBank referral?

The amount received changes according to the current offer. It is important to note that the amount of the BoursoBank (ex-Boursorama) referral bonus is the amount of the current offer when the referral starts his/her subscription. In April 2024, the amount to be received by the sponsoree is up to 150 euros, depending on the amount of the first payment made when the account was opened.

When is the BoursoBank referral bonus paid?

The person referring is rewarded on the day the referred individuals bank account is actually opened, and the referred individual is rewarded once his or her bank account has been opened.

What is BoursoBank's referral limit?

With the BoursoBank (ex-Boursorama) referral offer, the person referring cannot invite more than three new clients per month.

What are the conditions for BoursoBank referrals (formerly Boursorama)?

In practical terms, referrals works simply. To qualify for BoursoBank (formerly Boursorama) sponsorship and the full amount of the bonus, you must be over 18, never have been a BoursoBank customer and live in France.

Where can I find the BoursoBank (ex-Boursorama) referral code?

Once your account has been created, go to your customer area and click on the “Referral” tab. The referral code will then be displayed and you can pass it on to the person whom you are referring.

Where can I enter my BoursoBank (ex-Boursorama) referral code to take advantage of the offer?

In order to benefit from the bonus, the referred person must insert the BoursoBank (ex-Boursorama) referral code in the account opening form when opening the account.

How does BoursoBank (formerly Boursorama) referrals work for children and minors?

To take advantage of the BoursoBank (formerly Boursorama) referral bonus, referrers and individuals being referred must be over 18.

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