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How to book a flight with RBC Avion Rewards points

To the point Here's a step-by-step guide to booking flights with RBC Avion Rewards points. The procedure is simple and advantageous.

One of the options for redeeming Avion Rewards credit cards is to use your points towards airfare anywhere in the world. Here’s how this works for a fixed-point exchange.

RBC Avion Rewards Points

There are several RBC Avion Rewards credit cards. The one used for this example is the RBC Visa Infinite Avion Card.

With this offer for the RBC Avion Visa Infinite Card, you can earn 35,000 Avion points upon approval. No purchase necessary!

You can use your Avion Rewards points for travel or redeem them with other loyalty programs such as :

  • American Airlines AAdvantage
  • British Airways Executive Club (and Qatar Airways Privilege Club)
  • Cathay Pacific Asia Miles
  • WestJet Rewards

The current welcome offer, for example, gives you the equivalent of 35,000 British Airways Avios or 350 WestJet Dollars.

With the RBC Avion Visa Infinite Card, you earn 1 point per dollar and 1.25 points for travel purchases.

What’s more, you’ll benefit from a wide range of insurances: trip cancellation and interruption insurance, out-of-province or out-of-country emergency medical care insurance, collision and damage insurance for rental vehicles, and mobile device insurance.

RBC Avion Rewards points can be used to travel anywhere in the world with a round-trip ticket. A one-way trip requires half as many Avion points. Here is the airfare table for a round-trip flight:

Avion Points Destinations Maximum Ticket Price
15 000 Flight within a province or neighbouring state $350
35 000 Flight anywhere in Canada or the United States (except Hawaii and Alaska) $750
45 000 Western Canada or the United States to Mexico, Hawaii or Alaska. Eastern Canada to Bermuda, Central America or the Caribbean $900
55 000 Eastern Canada or the United States to Mexico, Hawaii or Alaska. Western Canada to Bermuda, Central America or the Caribbean $1,100
65 000 Flight from Canada or United States to Europe $1,300
100 000 Fly from Canada or United States to … anywhere in the world! $2,000

On average this equals about 2 cents per Avion point .

How to Book an Airline Ticket with RBC Avion Rewards Points

With 35,000 Avion points, I could afford a plane ticket to Canada or the United States.

From your RBC Online Banking profile, click on the blue Avion Rewards button.

Avion récompenses Banque en direct

Then, on the Trips page, click on Book a Trip.

Voyages réserver un voyage RBC

Avion Rewards acts like a travel agency. Generally, the prices are the same as the ones found on the sites of the carriers and tour operators.

Its search tool allows you to use RBC Avion Rewards points to book :

  • A flight
  • A car rental
  • Hotel stays
  • Or Vacation Packages
RBC outil recherche

After entering your desired dates and destinations, the results will be displayed. On the left, there is a filter for options.

In this example, the non-stop and no change fee options are selected.

RBC Résultats vols

35,000 points can be redeemed on a flight costing up to $750.

In this example, I have chosen a higher class. This exceeds the $750, the remaining balance is added to the taxes and fees.

In my case, the same flight cost about $1,000 on the Air Canada website. This equates to 2.14 cents per point, ($750 divided by 35,000 points) which is excellent!

RBC révision vol

On the checkout page, RBC shows the points required to book this airline ticket. Any remaining point balance can be used to reduce the tax and fee balance.

For example, 90 points were used to lower the balance by 90 cents. The rest is to be paid with a credit card.

RBC Options de paiement

Enter the traveler’s information and make the payment.

An email from RBC Avion Rewards will be sent moments later to confirm. A few minutes later (or a few hours for some), the airline will send confirmation in a separate email. All the details will be there, including the reservation number.

Merci vol réservé RBC

How to Manage an Airline Ticket Purchased with RBC Avion Rewards Points

The booked trip can be found in the My Trips section of the RBC Avion Rewards portal. A link redirects you to the airline’s website.

RBC Mes voyages réservés

You will be able to link this reservation to your frequent flyer profile. Here I entered my Aeroplan membership number.

Since I had taken the Comfort fare on Air Canada, I was able to choose a Prefered seat at no charge. This must be done directly on the Air Canada website.

Air Canada RBC vol choisir place préférence

Please note that to change or cancel a flight purchased through the RBC Avion Rewards portal, you must call the RBC Travel Centre directly at 1-877-636-2870.

The airline will not be able to do anything on their end and they will refer you to RBC. Any changes have a cost of $25 for each ticket.

There is also the option to chat with a virtual agent on the RBC site in the Help section.

RBC Aide

In addition, if you have eUpgrades with Air Canada, you have the option to apply them at check-in 24 hours prior to your flight.

eSurclassement RBC

When your flight is completed, points and qualifications are deposited into your account based on the fare booked.

For example, the Comfort rate booked through RBC gave :

  • MQS
  • SQS
  • DQS
  • QQS
  • Aeroplan Points

This counts towards your Aeroplan Status.

Aéroplan accumulés RBC

Another way to redeem RBC Avion Rewards points for travel

Occasionally, the Avion Rewards site may experience technical difficulties or your flight may not appear in the search results.

At that time, call Avion Rewards Customer Service at 1-800-769-2512.

  • Get an authorization number to book the flight you want (mandatory);
  • Book your own flight directly on the desired airline’s website;
  • Send an e-mail to travel@service.rbcrewards.com with your authorization number obtained earlier from Customer Service, your name, the number of tickets reserved, proof of purchase and itinerary details.

Avion Rewards will then deduct the required points from your RBC Rewards points account to credit the cost of your airline tickets, according to their airfare table.

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