AIR MILES: understanding the mileage multiplier

AIR MILES frequently posts offers with the AIR MILES “multiplier”. I might as well warn you, this system is far from being easy to understand! Explanations.

Understanding the AIR MILES multiplier

Recently, on the AIRMILESSHOPS portal, there was the 5x AIR MILES offer for the Family & Friends event.

And right now, you can get up to 7X AIR MILES during AIR MILES “shopping week”.

week 7x air miles

All these offers are based on a base offer, a premium offer and a multiplier.

The AIR MILES Basic Offer

Each AIRMILESSHOPS affiliated merchant first offers a “basic package”. This is 1 AIR MILE for every $20 in purchases.

Let’s take the example of the Apple Store.

apple store air milesAIR MILES Bonus Offer

In addition to the basic offer, there is an AIR MILES “bonus offer” that each merchant can customize. This usually applies to a specific amount: “get 10 AIR MILES for every $50 in our store”.

Next is the AIR MILES multiplier

This is a special limited-time offer that allows you to earn two, five, seven or even ten times the AIR MILES. This offer is in addition to the offers described above. This is a great opportunity to earn multiple AIR MILES for a single purchase.

air miles bonus offers

However, there is a nuance: you cannot get the basic offer when the multiplier is in effect.

What does this mean? To simplify the calculation, subtract one digit from each of the multiplier quotients! The current 7X AIR MILES offer… is actually only 6X. Like a “bonus offer” of 2X AIR MILES… is actually only 1X.

Explanation with a $1,000 purchase on the Apple Store right now.

AIR MILES Basic Offer 1 AIR MILE / $20 50 AIR MILES
Apple Store Bonus Offer 2x AIR MILES 50 AIR MILES
Shopping Week Special Offer 7x AIR MILES 300 AIR MILES

So your purchase, which usually earns 1 AIR MILES per $20, will earn you 8 AIR MILES per $20 during this promotion!

Checked with the calculator provided by AIR MILES:

air miles calculator

Accelerate your AIR MILES earnings with credit cards

If you’re an AIR MILES fan, a credit card is your ticket to earning even more AIR MILES on your purchases. Only BMO and American Express offer AIR MILES credit cards.

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