What will be the trendy destinations in 2023?

To the point What will be the trendiest destinations for 2023? Here are the results on what Quebecers want from tourism in the future!

Where will we like to travel next year? 2023 is just around the corner, and new travel trends are emerging, marked by a flourishing tourism industry again after two years of the pandemic.

If new research released by Expedia and Airbnb is any indication, 2023 promises to be a year of renewal, and unlike previous years, it should be characterized by an ” absence of normalcy.”

Looking at the data compiled by Expedia, Hotels.com and Vrbo, we have a very detailed picture of how travel will change in 2023, and it’s fascinating.

Travellers have been adjusting to a new normal every year since 2019. We’re seeing an upsurge in travel to cultural destinations, interest in wellness retreats that are out of the ordinary, and a surge in demand for outdoor destinations that offer more than just beaches and mountains. These categories all mark the end of a new normal in favour of unexpected trends.

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Cultural capitals are hot topics

There has been a lot of interest in national parks and country cottages over the past two years. However, most cultural and artistic cities are now experiencing a marked increase in demand.

The call of the cultural capitals will therefore be felt in 2023. A study, conducted jointly by Expedia, Hotels.com and Vrbo, reveals these 10 most prominent cultural destinations in the coming months:

Edinburgh, Scotland

Situated on a hill, Scotland’s capital is home to a medieval old town and an elegant Georgian new town with gardens and neoclassical buildings. Among the sites of interest in Edinburgh: Edinburgh Castle, where the jewels of the Scottish crown are kept.

dimbourg – crédit Unsplash

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a cosmopolitan coastal city. Not to be missed in Lisbon: the Castle of St. George (Castelo de São Jorge), the old town with its pastel-colored buildings, the Tagus estuary and the suspension bridge of April 25.

Lisbonne – Aayush Gupta- Unsplash

Tokyo, Japan

With its mix of neon skyscrapers and ancient temples, Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a very lively city. Tourists enjoy exploring the city’s many museums and its lavish Shinto shrine: the Meiji-jingū Imperial Palace, surrounded by extensive public gardens.

Tokyo – Pixabay

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is located on the east coast of Ireland. Among the cultural sites of interest that the city offers: the Dublin Castle, dating from the 13th century, the imposing St. Patrick’s Cathedral founded in 1191 and the National Museum of Ireland which traces the Irish heritage.

Dublin – Matheus Camara- Unsplash

New York, USA

With its 5 boroughs, New York fascinates for its unmissable sites such as the Empire State Building, the immense Central Park, Manhattan and the Broadway theater located in Times Square.

New York – Pixabay

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is known for its harbor, which is home to an opera house with a distinctive sail-like design. Other sites of interest in the New South Wales capital include the vast Darling Harbour and the smaller harbour, Circular Quay, the Harbour Bridge and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Sydney Tower’s outdoor platform, the Skywalk, offers a 360 degree view of the city and its suburbs.

Sydney – Pixabay

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Coveted for its luxury shopping, ultra-modern architecture and vibrant nightlife, Dubai is the premier city of the United Arab Emirates. Not to be missed in Dubai: the Burj Khalifa, an 830-meter high tower with the Dubai Fountain at its foot, features jets and lights synchronized with music.

Dubai – Pixabay

Montreal, Canada

The metropolis of Quebec, Montreal, is the largest French-speaking city in America. Among its main attractions are the Notre-Dame Basilica, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Botanical Gardens, Saint Joseph’s Oratory and the Old Port of Montreal.

Montréal – Pixabay

Munich, Germany

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is famous for its annual Oktoberfest and its breweries, including the famous Hofbräuhaus dating back to 1589. In the old town, the central Marienplatz square boasts monuments that have become a must-see, such as the new neo-Gothic town hall, which comes to life with automatons re-enacting scenes from the 16th century.

Munich – Pixabay

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a city known for its richly decorated shrines and bustling streets. Its river, the Chao Praya, is sprinkled with boats and can take you all the way to the royal district of Rattanakosin, where the Grand Palace and its sacred temple Wat Phra Kaeo are located. Nearby, Wat Pho temple and Wat Arun temple are not to be missed.

Bangkok – Pixabay

At the top of the Airbnb ranking: Malaga

As for Airbnb, which recently unveiled its ranking of the trendiest destinations for 2023, new cities are about to rise in popularity, including three in Brazil: Florianópolis, Porto Seguro and Salvador; and three in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

At the top of this ranking: the city of Malaga, Spain, has been named the trendiest destination for 2023. This port city is located on the famous Costa del Sol, in the south of Spain. It is known for its skyscrapers and resorts on yellow sand beaches.

Malaga – Pixabay

Other destinations to look out for include Auckland and Queenstown in New Zealand; and Croatia.

Auckland – Partha Narasimhan -Unsplash

Travel to the filming locations of our favorite series

In 2023, many travelers will choose their vacation destination based on the filming locations of their favorite series or movies.

According to Expedia’s survey, movies and TV series on streaming platforms are a source of travel inspiration for 14% of Quebecers, closing in on the traditional Instagram (24%).

Royaume-Uni – Pixabay

One only has to think of New Zealand for The Lord of the Rings which maintains its popularity, especially since the filming of the recent series The Rings of Power. Dubrovnik in Croatia and Andalusia in Spain makes many travelers dream, having served as the filming location for Games of Throne and, more recently, the United Kingdom with House of Dragons.

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