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Parkfellows: How to find cheap airport parking in Europe?

To the point Did you know ParkFellows? An attractive solution in Europe to save on your airport parking.

How to find cheap airport parking in Europe?

Do you travel often, or are you planning to travel soon? Getting to the airport by car is the easiest way. No waiting in public transport. No need to depend on your relatives or a third person to drive you to the airport.

Driving to the airport means that you will need to find parking for the duration of your stay. Parking at the airport can be a budget for your trip. It is therefore a step in the preparation of your trip not to be neglected.

In this article, you will find our tips for finding cheap airport parking when travelling in Europe.

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When to book your parking at the airport?

One of the keys to saving money on your parking reservation is to plan. Just as airline ticket prices fluctuate depending on availability and your dates, the cost of your airport parking will also be affected. The earlier you book your parking space, the better the rates you will get.

The recommendation is to book your parking as soon as you know your departure and return dates and have booked your plane tickets. This is a great way to find airport parking at the best price.

In case of last-minute changes, you will have the possibility to modify your reservation. By using a credit card when you make your reservation, you can also take advantage of their cancellation insurance.

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Where to book?

It is not always easy to find your way through all the services and types of parking available. An airport parking comparator is a tool you can’t do without when travelling in Europe if your goal is to find cheap parking.

In addition to saving money on your parking, you will lose less time in your research because all the parking lots will be listed on the comparator for you.


Compare airport parking lots and book with ParkFellows. This allows you to see all the services available on your dates at a glance. You will be able to classify the parking lots at the airport by price and service.

Select parking garages based on the features that interest you while considering your budget.

What types of service should I choose?

Different types of service are available for airport parking. Depending on your choice of service, the prices will not be the same and can vary greatly.

For cheap parking at the airport, the first alternative is parking with a shuttle service. These parking lots are a little further from the airport, providing a free shuttle on demand to take you to your terminal. These are often the cheapest options you will be offered.

Hiring a valet is ideal for those looking for attractive prices without compromising on speed of service. You drop your car directly at the airport and the driver will park it for you in a secure parking lot. In addition to being a fast service, the cost remains very interesting.

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The last type of parking you can choose is walk-in parking. These locations allow you to reach the airport on foot in a few minutes. This proximity will cost you more. Consider moving away if you don’t want to break the bank.

To sum up, parking lots with shuttle service are the parking lots to choose to save money. Opt for a valet parking service if you don’t want to compromise on your travel time.

Be inspired by user reviews

You are looking for a good deal for your airport parking. But you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the service you have booked either. To do this, nothing better than to consult the reviews left by previous users.

This is the best way to ensure you get the best value for your money. On comparison platforms like ParkFellows, customers can give their opinion on the parking lots they have used.

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Bottom Line

With all these elements, you are ready to book low-cost parking at the airport with ParkFellows.

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