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Tim Hortons: Upcoming changes to the Tims Rewards program

To the point Tim Hortons has announced changes to its Tims Rewards program that will take effect on February 21, 2023.

This program reform will focus on dollars spent rather than the number of visits. Here are the details.

Earning points

The ways of earning of Tims Rewards points will change soon. Previously, each visit to Tim Hortons earned 10 points and a reward could be earned after a certain number of visits; this will no longer be the case as of February 21.

Points earned will now be based on dollars spent, at a ratio of 10 points per dollar. More precisely, it will be one point for every $0.10 spent, and this number will be rounded up. Points will be calculated on the total spent before taxes.

For example, an expense of $5.72 before taxes will earn you 57 points, while an expense of $5.78 before taxes will earn you 58 points.

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Note that there are several exclusions to the accumulation of points:

Purchases to load, reload and/or activate a Tim CardTM, transactions completed via a third–party ordering website and/or delivery aggregator, delivery tip transactions, cambro deposit and/or refund transactions, certain retail products and donations, bottle deposit transactions, and the cost of any government prescribed levies, duties, taxes or other fees (for example, mandatory environmental fees).

See the terms and conditions of the new program for full details.

Reward levels

It will be possible to select a reward level to redeem points. This level can then be changed at any time if you change your mind.

Here are the different levels:

Reward level Reward Options
300 points Classic donut, specialty donut, hashbrowns, cookie
400 points Brewed coffee, tea, dream donut, bagel, baked goods
600 points Hot Chocolate, French Vanilla, Iced Coffee, Wedges
800 points Real Fruit Quenchers, Cold Brew, Classic Iced Capp®, Box of 10 Timbits®, Yogurt, Frozen Beverages and Espresso Drinks
1,100 points Breakfast Sandwiches and Soups
1,300 points Farmer’s Wrap, BELT®, Lunch Sandwiches and Chili
1,800 points Loaded Bowls & Wraps
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This definitely represents a greater number of points required than before to earn rewards, but consider the accumulation changes in the equation.

In the past, you only needed 5 visits (or 50 points) to get a free donut and now you will need to spend a minimum of $30 before taxes (i.e. 300 points) to reach this level of rewards.

Have you earned a lot of Tim Rewards points? It might be worth it for you to redeem them before February 21, 2023. Your points will not disappear on that date, they will simply be transferred to the new program. But, as shown above, your earned points will be devalued.

Bottom Line

These changes to the Tims Rewards program will favour those who spend more money and disadvantage those who visit Tim Hortons more regularly but spend less money. It’s up to you to decide whether these changes will be positive or negative for you, depending on your visiting and spending habits.

Tims Rewards members will also have access to benefits from the app such as exclusive offers, the option to pre-order to skip the line, and the ability to enter other contests such as Roll Up to Win and the Tims NHL Hockey Challenge.

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A reminder that the best card to use at Tim Hortons is the American Express Cobalt® Card as it offers 5 points per dollar of purchases at restaurants, bars, cafes, grocery and convenience stores. You’ll earn a minimum of 5% back on your purchases at Tim Hortons, in addition to the rewards you’ve earned with TimerTim Rewards.

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