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Aeroplan eStore: New browser extension

To the point The Aeroplan eStore continues to innovate by offering a browser extension to earn points more easily.

After making several improvements to its sitethe Aeroplan eStore is innovating again by offering an extension for browsers that makes it much easier to earn Aeroplan points.



The new feature is presented as an extension that must be downloaded from the Aeroplan eStore page.

Eboutique – Extension – page d’Installation

Currently, extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge but an extension for Safari is being prepared by the Aeroplan eStore team.

You will then be prompted to add the extension to your browser.

Eboutique – extension – Ajout Chrome


Once installed, the extension will appear in the bar at the top of your browser.

Eboutique – Extension – Menu

All you have to do is set up your account by entering your Aeroplan number and last name

Eboutique – Extension – Configuration

Note: Using the Aeroplan eStore becomes much easier since you do not have to enter your password.


Using the extension takes two forms: it can be done by detecting the website you are on, or by a search and a quick activation.

Site detection

When you land on one of the websites recognized by the extension, a pop-up shows the number of points for which you are eligible.

Eboutique – Extension – Decathlon

Just click on the “activate offer” button to take advantage of it.

Eboutique – Extension – Activation offre

Even if the extension detects the website, activation is required to benefit from the points

Your offer is now activated and therefore your purchase earns Aeroplan points.

Eboutique – Extension – Decathlon – offre activée

Warning: some stores are unfortunately not automatically detected, this is the case for Amazon.
However the quick search and activation works for all stores.

Quick search and activation

Using the extension, you also have the possibility to search for a retailer:

Eboutique – Extension – recherche

Same as for the detection when you click on the store, the offer is activated

Eboutique – Extension – Amazon


Adding the extension to your browser is easy and very profitable since it offers two very useful features.
First of all, by automatically detecting the partner stores, but also by facilitating the activation of the eStore offers.

So now you have no excuse to easily earn Aeroplan points on your everyday purchases.

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Frédéric likes to play with numbers and is a specialist in rewards programs. As a family man, he uses his points to travel better and save money!

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