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Credit card comparison: Partnership between Milesopedia and Protégez-Vous

To the point Milesopedia and Protégez-Vous announce a long-term partnership to provide a credit cards comparison service.

Jean-Maximilien Voisine founded Milesopedia in 2015, with a mission to help consumers demystify loyalty programs and make the best credit cards choices for their needs.

We are proud to announce today that we have entered into a long-term partnership with Protégez-Vous.

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Protégez-vous, by Milesopedia

Since September 2021, we are offering our personalized credit card comparison tool for readers of Protégez-Vous, an easy-to-use and powerful solution for choosing the best credit card in Canada for your profile.

Thanks to its alliance with Protégez-Vous, Milesopedia has further strengthened its position as Canada’s leading provider of loyalty and credit cards programs:

The year 2020 has given many Canadian households the opportunity to take care of their personal finances, encouraging them to pay down debt and get their credit cards portfolios under control. To meet this need, we created a tool to meet the demand at the beginning of the pandemic. We are confident that our partnership with Protégez-Vous will extend our reach to help consumers find solutions to their needs, while promoting and educating on responsible and beneficial credit cards use.

Jean-Maximilien Voisine, président-fondateur de Milesopedia
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By analyzing over 18,000 pieces of data from nearly 200 credit cards across the country on a daily basis, and scoring nearly 30 loyalty programs, we are able to offer a highly scalable credit cards comparison tool.

Here is how the solution developed with Protégez-Vous differs from the more “classic” one known through Milesopedia :

Protégez-vous Credit Card Comparator

Two new exclusive features have been developed:

1- Compare cards, including annual renewal process

The credit card comparison tool developed by Milesopedia for Protégez-Vous allows you to evaluate not only the value of the credit card in the first year (including the application bonus), but also in subsequent years.

This is an ideal solution for a consumer who would like to keep their credit card for two years or more.

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2- Personalize the search according to your own consumption habits

Users of the Protégez-Vous credit card comparator have the possibility to indicate their own monthly expenses divided into different categories in order to find the best credit card for their needs.

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The objective for Protégez-Vous is to offer its readers:

  • A simple tool, focused on credit cards only
  • A tool that reflects consumer habits and is therefore dynamic
  • A tool that favours a choice valid for several years
  • An impartial tool based on data
  • A tool that ensures the confidentiality of the information entered

Both Milesopedia and Protégez-Vous are convinced that these objectives have been reached and that consumers are now better equipped than ever to control their spending, maintain an excellent credit score and make wise choices without bias.

Milesopedia credit cards comparator

The credit card comparator tool on Milesopedia.com still helps you find the best credit card offer according to the rewards offered by the welcome bonus and the benefits offered (travel credit, access to lounges, etc).

All this according to a valuation established for the first year.

This editorial choice is linked to Milesopedia.com’s main field of activity (loyalty programs) and to the readership (more than 100 000 unique monthly visitors, with a strong connotation for travel).

All this with the aim of allowing our readers to travel more for less, travel better or save money every day.

thank you milesopedia

The exclusive strength of Milesopedia

More than ever, Milesopedia is the miles encyclopedia in Canada!

With the primary objective of offering the best tips to travel for free (or almost) and save money thanks to the reward points earned with credit cards mainly, Milesopedia offers:

We partner with the country’s leading financial institutions and we are the main contact in French-speaking Canada for companies such as Air Canada, Air France, AIR MILES, Hilton Honors or Marriott Bonvoy, as well as the media for all matters related to loyalty programs, credit cards and travel news.

Our company of 10 employees is growing rapidly and is constantly on the lookout for new talent. Watch for our job offers.

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