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Hong Kong boosts tourism with 500,000 free airline tickets

To the point Hong Kong is opening its doors to tourists again with a big announcement. The destination will offer 500,000 free airline tickets to welcome its first visitors since the pandemic.

Yes, you read that right: half a million free flights! This is the announcement made by the Hong Kong government a few days ago during the launch of the “Hello Hong Kong” campaign.

We recall that China has been one of the most restrictive countries with Covid-19 related measures for a very long time. Hong Kong was no exception, despite the fact that it was a very popular tourist destination before the pandemic.

The city has been hit hard economically in recent years, and will try to rekindle interest in recovering from this recession.

It is now possible to visit Hong Kong without having to quarantine or show proof of vaccination. However, masks are still mandatory in the city as of the date of publication of this article.

How to get the tickets

Update May 17, 2023: Round-trip tickets will be available to Hong Kong on May 17 at 9 p.m. (Eastern Time) on the Cathay Pacific website. All you have to do is pay taxes and fees, and departures are from Toronto and Vancouver. You must be a Cathay member to participate. Try your luck!

Tickets for free flights to Hong Kong will be distributed in this manner:

  • March: Accessible tickets for Southeast Asian residents
  • April: Tickets available to residents of China
  • May: Tickets available to the rest of the world
  • July: Outbound flight tickets available to Hong Kong residents

You will need to visit this page and follow the instructions for a chance to win your tickets.

Hong kong billets gratuits loterie
Hong kong billets gratuits loterie

Although this main page has been set up, it will be through the websites of the designated airlines that you will have to register. Several promotional activities will be launched on these sites to win the free tickets.

The participating airlines are: Cathay Pacific, HK Express and Hong Kong Airlines

Other details:

  • All tickets will be round-trip to or from Hong Kong.
  • Winners will still be required to pay airport taxes.

Please note that there are no direct flights from Montreal to Hong Kong at this time, but it is possible to fly via Toronto to get to your destination.

Bottom line

If you’ve been dreaming of visiting Hong Kong for a while, take the opportunity to register in May; the odds may be in your favor! To learn more about this destination and how to get there with points, read our detailed guide.

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