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COVID-19: Air France Extends its Commercial Measures

To the point Air France has announced the extension of its commercial measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic: modification, cancellation, Flying Blue.

COVID-19: Air France Extends its Commercial Measures

As part of the Air France Protect program, Air France has announced that it is extending its commercial measures relating to the COVID-19 pandemic until March 31, 2022.

These measures concern all tickets except for group rates and allotments.

As a result, customers in possession of Air France tickets valid for travel up to 31 March 2022 will be able to either:

  • Change their reservation at no cost, with the possibility of changing the date and/or destination of their ticket regardless of the fare conditions
  • Request a full refund. If the fare conditions of the ticket do not allow a refund, a credit voucher valid for one year will be issued, the refund of which can be requested at any time.
Air France Business Class Reviews and opinions - A350 - Toronto - Paris

The Refundable Voucher

In March 2020,Air France was one of the first airlines to offer its customers a choice with the refundable voucher.

Like other airlines, the travel voucher is a credit:

  • In the current context of the Covid-19 crisis, a travel voucher is a personal, non-transferable credit, which is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.
  • It can be used to purchase a ticket or extra options from the Air France and KLM websites or ticket offices, for a flight with Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines, or Virgin Atlantic.
  • The ticket or paid options issued in exchange for the travel voucher must match the first and last name of the voucher holder.
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However, Air France allows its customers to request a refund of this voucher under one of these conditions:

    1. if your original flight was cancelled
    2. or if your flight is scheduled before March 31, 2022, and you are foregoing travel

You can request a refund of your voucher from the My bookings section of our website.

Flying Blue

Air France KLM’s Flying Blue frequent flyer program has announced the extension in 2021 of the measures offered to members in 2020.

Flying Blue Miles Validity Extension

In April 2020, Flying Blue announced and implemented immediate measures to prevent Miles from expiring until the end of 2020. As the situation is still uncertain, this validity is extended until the end of December 2021.

If you are a Silver, Gold or Platinum member, your Miles remain valid for life. You are an Explorer member and your Miles expire between December 2020 and November 2021? Air France will then extend their validity until December 2021. Miles expiring in January 2022 or later are not affected by this measure.

Read this page for more information about miles’ validity extension.

Flying Blue Elite status extension

Flying Blue renews the levels of all Elite members with a qualification period between now and December 2021.

In case your qualification period ends between now and December 2021, you will keep your current level even if you do not reach the XP objective.

Also, Flying Blue will automatically top up the surplus XP for Elite members with a qualification period between now and December 2021, if it’s lower than last year.

That way, you hold on to all your XP and don’t miss out on maintaining or boosting your status. The surplus XP support will be added within a month after the start of your new qualification period.

Read this page for more information on the Flying Blue status.

Rebook and cancellation policy for reward tickets

Flying Blue reward tickets are changeable without a fee and refundable from now on.

See this page for all the terms and conditions of this policy related to Flying Blue Reward Tickets.

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