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Aeroplan Boost Points offer: up to 30% discount

To the point Aeroplan is running the Boost Points offer to give you the opportunity to buy points with up to a 30% discount.

Boost Points promotion

Until December 08, 2021, Aeroplan points earned in the last three months (August, September and October 2021) can be multiplied at a reduced rate. The link can be found here on theAeroplan page to purchase points.

You should have earned these points with:

  • hotel stays and car rentals via the Aeroplan platform
  • purchases made at an Aeroplan partner retailer
  • Monthly Aeroplan credit card promotions (excluding Welcome Bonuses)

However, all other points earned in different ways (Air Canada flights, point purchases, etc.) are not eligible.

Aeroplan calculates the number of points you’ve received and offers to buy up to five times their value. In addition, the larger the purchase, the greater the discount.

Improve your points

For example, the 44,900 points I’ve earned in the last few months allow to:

  • Buy 1X these points with a 10% discount
  • Buy 3X these points with a 20% discount
  • or buy them 5X with a 30% discount

But this offer is only valid once.

Booster points total

Without taxes, it would cost approximately $4,715 to buy just over 224,500 Aeroplan points. This is the equivalent of 2.1 cents per point.

As long as you live outside of Canada, you will not pay taxes. In Quebec, the total cost would be $5,421.

Since points are purchased through the platform, they do not count as a travel expense, nor do they count as a purchase made on the Air Canada website.

Is this an interesting promotion?

Without the promotion, such a purchase of Aeroplan points would have cost approximately $6,900. A purchase of one Aeroplan point is 3 cents.

Buy AP points

With this promotion, a purchase with the maximum 30% discount is 2.1 cents.


If you’re short on Aeroplan points for a flight you want to book now, this is a promotion that can help.

To give you an idea of the size of the bonus, the last Aeroplan points purchase promotion in September gave a bonus of up to 80%. Thus, it was possible to buy Aeroplan points for 1.67 cents per point.

If you have the time to unlock a welcome credit card bonus, you might as well go that route. Check out the best current Aeroplan credit card offers.

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I'm Caroline, a loyalty program specialist! I use my points to travel more often and at a lower price with my spouse and our two children. I'm passionate about writing about the latest rewards news and how to put more points in your pocket.

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