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How does Costco Travel work?

To the point As a traveler, are you constantly looking for the lowest prices for your dream destinations? If you still don't know Costco Travel, this article is for you!

How does Costo Travel work?

You have your Costco membership card and want to go on an adventure? By negotiating lower prices, Costco Travel offers a variety of interesting packages for your next vacation. How does Costco Travel work specifically? You will learn more about how to join, but also about the types of subscriptions, its advantages and disadvantages.

What is Costco Travel specifically?

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Created in 2000, the travel agency is there to advise you on vacation packages, but also all-inclusive, cruises, rental cars and hotels. To book with Costco Travel, it is essential to have a membership card.

Right now, you have three membership choices. Get a head start on each of the membership types and find the one that works best for you.

Privileged member

Being a Preferred member allows you to purchase products online or at any Costco worldwide. Your membership can be refunded at any time if you are not satisfied with the service.

Ideal for families or individuals, here are some other features of the Privilege card:

New members only

Available to new members only, the Privilege Card costs $60 and must be renewed each year.

No Fee Joint Card

With the purchase of the Privilege Card, it is possible to request a second card for a member over 18 years of age residing at the same address.

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Executive Member

With its exclusive offers and additional savings, the Executive Membership Card is an enhanced version of the Privilege Card. This is why it costs more to join, a total of $120 per year.

With the purchase of the card, you will receive the Contact Costco magazine by mail. Here are two more of its characteristics:

2% annual discount

Executive members receive an annual 2% reward on most Costco purchases (including Costco Travel), to a maximum of $1,000.

Member Services Benefits

Here are some other benefits of the member services offered:

  • Life and health insurance plans
  • Residential Telecommunications
  • Credit card processing
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Business Member

Offering the same base of benefits, the Business membership card is designed for businesses. Here are its characteristics:

Valid at Costco locations worldwide

With this card, you will be able to visit all Costco warehouses around the world. Enjoy it!

Up to 6 holders for the same membership

With the same membership, you can add up to 6 additional membership cards ($60/card). And don’t forget the free card!

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How to join?

To get a Costco membership card, simply visit your nearest store or register online. No need to make an appointment before you go!

To take advantage of Costco Travel’s best offers, the Executive membership card is just what you need.

Costco Travel: how to take advantage of it?

Earning points is straightforward. You can take advantage of everything Costco Travel has to offer on its website. In what way?

Looking at limited time offers

How does Costco Travel work in terms of offers? It’s simple: these are limited time offers that appear daily on the site. You don’t want to miss anything! In fact, offers can be even better for Costco members who earn AirMiles. Get informed!

By renting vehicles during your trips

To reduce your travel costs during your trip, Costco Travel offers “Rent a Car” services. You won’t want to do without it.

By booking your nights at the hotel

You don’t have to travel far from home to enjoy it. Thanks to the Hotels section of the website, Costco Travel offers you many featured hotels in Canada and the United States.

The advantages and disadvantages of Costco Travel

Benefits of Costco Travel

Exclusive benefits and rates

Costco members can look forward to exclusive benefits such as:

  • food credits
  • spa trips
  • room upgrades
  • Costco gift cards at time of booking

Quality hotels and services

The Costco Travel team ensures that their members have access to quality hotels and travel experiences. When shopping for your vacation packages, you can choose from some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Complete travel agency

Whether you want to go on safari, go to an amusement park or take a cruise, the reservation service allows you to plan everything. There is something for everyone!

Disadvantages of Costco Travel

Annual fees

Since Costco is a membership service, it is essential to respect its fees. You’ll pay $60 or $120 per year depending on your plan.

Expenses not always included

Costco Travel offers several vacation packages that include a range of services, such as dining credits. However, expenses are not always included. It is essential to read all inclusions and exclusions before booking.

Prices may vary

Even though the agency offers incredible deals, the prices vary from package to package. Check before you book… to avoid any surprises!

Our answers to your questions about Costco Travel

Does Costco Canada sell travel insurance?

Costco Canada does not sell its own travel insurance but has partnered with Manulife to offer it to members.

Can we cancel after booking a Costco Travel package?

You can cancel your vacation package more than 48 hours before departure. Be aware that there may be penalties and non-refundable fees.

Does Costco have travel agents?

Yes, Costco Travel has its own team of experts and professionals. They can help Costco members book their vacations and find the best packages.

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