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Inspiration: Quebec travel blogs

To the point We help you discover inspiring and useful travel blogs from Quebec to prepare your trips

We draw inspiration for our articles from our past and future travels as well as from the best travel blogs in Quebec. Here is our selection, in alphabetical order.

BB Jetlag

BB Jetlag

BB Jetlag is THE reference site for parent travelers in Quebec! Sophie Reis’ mission is to encourage parents to pursue their travel dreams, while passing on this passion to their children. Through her publications, she wants to inform and inspire us.

She wrote the book Le Guide des Parents Voyageurs, which is a must-have tool full of tips and tricks for easy family travel.

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Clouzote logoShe left on her own at the age of 18. Since then, she shares her tips on many places, like New Zealand, on her website and social networks. Her YouTube channel contains beautiful videos about Japan.

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La grande déroute

La grande déroute

If you have been following Jean-Maximilien’s stories with his daughter Alexandra, you know that air travel with a baby is possible! Bianca from the website “La grande déroute” has moved up a gear because she is a globetrotter with her family. Accompanied by her husband and 3 children, she talks about “worldschooling”, music and language. Her retrospective articles are also a wealth of information for families wanting to emulate them.

In August 2021, she published the book Randos Bière au Québec. It offers 40 ideas for routes and hikes, followed by a place where you can enjoy a good beer. The most refreshing way to see Quebec!

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Lydiane autour du monde

Lydiane autour du monde

Lydiane St-Onge has been traveling the world since 2013. On her social media, she gives you ideas and mentions her favourites. She even has her own television show about travel!

She is a speaker, gives her tips on travel and has written 2 books.

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Moi, mes souliers


Moi mes souliers 1

Jennifer Doré Dallas is the founder of a community of Backpackers. She also leads the “6 à 8 voyage” group with Annie Picard. She tells us about her finds, from the Lower St. Lawrence to California, passing through Turkey. Ever since she left on a 9-month world tour in 2013, she hasn’t stopped. Her articles are truly eclectic ranging from business class on Turkish Airlines to a hostel.

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Vagabondeuse blog voyage

Gabrielle talks about a lot of different subjects on VAGABONDEUSE, in addition to her favourite destinations (sometimes surprising!), and shares articles on travel health – she is a travel health nurse by training – as well as tons of tips for the smooth running of her readers’ adventures.

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vino2travel website

Benoît Lefèvre created vino2travel in March 2015 in order to share his passions with as many people as possible. On his blog, Benoît wants to inspire you with new travel ideas, suggest good places to go for a drink or a meal, and help you discover new wine destinations. You will find portraits of winemakers, reports on wine regions, but also wine suggestions.

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WDW is a site dedicated to the world of Walt Disney’s theme parks. Founded in 2002, it talks about the news of the Disney Universe up to movie reviews. There are also plenty of specials on travel to the park in Florida. The blog also has a very regular podcast.

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