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Discover the new Air Canada tool: Ready to Travel

To the point Details on Air Canada's tool to help travelers navigate travel requirements.

Many of us are planning our next trip. However, with the fast-changing situation, it becomes tough to keep up with all the announcements and navigate our way through when looking at the requirements for entry or movement in the country we want to visit.

In this context, Air Canada has deployed a new “Ready to Travel” portal to help travellers plan and prepare for their upcoming trips.

The portal provides information such as necessary travel documents, COVID-19 screening requirements, and travel restrictions for any destination in the world.

Air Canada Ready to Travel Tool Presentation

Travel requirements

The portal contains a platform to identify travel requirements. To get the information, you need to enter some information.

  • Your itinerary
  • Your citizenship
  • Your immunization status
Air Canada Vaccine Status Tool

Returned information

The information is available both for the outward journey and the return journey.

Choice of return journey

We find in the data :

1- Travel restrictions in relation to COVID-19

Here is the type of information found:

  • Is it possible to travel to this country?
  • Is a COVID-19 test required to enter?
  • Is a quarantine required upon arrival in the country?

At each link, you will access details such as the type of COVID-19 test that is accepted.

Examples of information you will found :

  • To go to France when you are Canadian and fully vaccinated:
Canadians Travel to France
  • To return to Canada when you are Canadian and fully vaccinated:
Canadians Return Canada

2- Visa requirements

It is not uncommon for a country to require a visa to enter its territory, for example, for French nationals who come to spend holidays in Canada and need an electronic travel authorization (ETA).


The tool is very handy because it will redirect you to official sources to get your visa.

3- The documents you need for your trip

Finally, you have the list of documents needed to travel:

  • Mandatory health declaration form
  • Evidence of negative COVID-19 test results
  • Mandatory contact form via ArriveCAN
  • Proof of mandatory vaccination
  • Mandatory health passes for public activities

Here again, you will have all the information and useful links to the necessary documents.

  • To go to France when you are Canadian and fully vaccinated:
List of documents FRA
  • To return to Canada if you are Canadian and fully vaccinated:
Return to Canada tests

Please refer to our detailed guide to obtain a conversion of your Quebec proof of vaccination for France.

Explore the possibilities

Another tool is available to identify accessible destinations based on nationality and vaccination status.

By entering a few parameters (citizenship, city of departure, vaccination status) you can quickly identify travel restrictions for virtually all countries, provinces and territories or American states and Australia.

International travel


With the possibility, by pointing to the country, to see the restrictions which apply:


Canadian provinces and territories

The map allows you to identify the restrictions that apply to visiting other provinces based on your vaccination status from a province of departure.


The American States and Australia

As with the map of Canadian provinces and territories, the United States and Australia maps are mainly used to identify travel restrictions between the various states/provinces of the country.

United States

United States




The tool that Air Canada is making available to travellers is truly a comprehensive platform that will be very useful in the coming months and years.

With constant changes, it became very tough to keep track of the situation and plan future trips.

By helping travellers, Air Canada is clearly positioning itself to meet the need for Revenge travel, in combination with the Aeroplan credit card offers currently available.

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