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Hotel Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference Centre
Country Canada
City Jonquière
Room Type Suite 1004
Loyalty Program Status Titanium
Points Per Night From 15,000 points

Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference Centre
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To the point Report on the Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference center, a category 3 hotel of the Marriott Bonvoy chain in Jonquière.

For this long Canada Day weekend, we had planned to explore the Saguenay region and its Fjord using the Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference Centre as a hub.

This is the only Marriott Bonvoy property in the greater region. We stayed there for 4 nights.

Delta Hotels

The Delta chain has its origins in Canada, more specifically in British Columbia, where the first Delta hotel was opened in 1962.

The chain was acquired in 2015 by Marriott and today, there are about 80 Delta hotels (90% of which are located in North America). These properties target the upper end of the hotel sector (Bonvoy’s Premium category).

Delta Hotels Marriott Bonvoy
Delta Hotels Marriott Bonvoy

Delta Hotels Saguenay conference center


The Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference Centre is a Marriott Bonvoy Category 3 hotel that offers a family-friendly service. You could stay there from 15,000 points per night.

Delta Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference Centre-20

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The 10-storey hotel has 153 rooms including 4 suites.

Principaux equipements Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference Centre

Hotel details – Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference center

Free parking Yes
Swimming pool Yes, inside
Fitness room Yes
Restaurant on site Yes, Boston Pizza Saguenay
Accepts pets No
Mobile card No
Breakfast included Yes
Room with balcony available No
Room with kitchenette available No
USB sockets in the room Yes
Smart TV No
Shower and Bath No, shower only


As for us, our main goal was to use the Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference center as a hub for our hikes. We took the opportunity to explore:

All three outdoor destinations are within a one-hour drive of the Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference center. During our 3 outings, we covered more than 56 km of trails, climbed more than 2,100 meters and admired magnificent views. The weather was very good and we made some nice memories of the area.


The hotel lives up to its name of “Conference center”. Indeed the lobby is very large and airy. So if several people arrive at the same time, for example for an event, there is plenty of space to accommodate this flood of guests. Large windows provide natural light and numerous armchairs, benches and tables allow you to enjoy this large lobby.

Because of COVID-19, employees are protected by huge plexiglass. The check-in is fast, everything was ready in advance. Of course, the Marriott Bonvoy application greatly facilitates the whole process.

Delta Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference Centre-52

Our room

The hotel has 6 types of rooms:

  • Bedroom, 1 king bed, Sofa bed
  • Room, 2 queen size bed(s)
  • Room, 1 queen bed(s), Sofa bed
  • Room, 2 queen bed(s), Business Room
  • Room, 1 king bed, Business Room
  • Suite, 1 king bed, Sofa bed, Bathrooms: 1.5, Fireplace

Our room was one of the 4 suites, number 1004, and was located on the 10th floor. The suite is very large (58 m2), twice the size of the hotel’s “rooms” (29 m2). The suite has two connecting doors, one on each wall, which can be very useful when traveling with family as my friend Frederic often mentions. In this case, we could connect 3 rooms together.


The suite consists of two sections separated by a central partition, open at each end. The first section, where the door is located, serves as a large lounge with a beautiful dining area, and the second section houses the king bed, work desk and bathroom.

Delta Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference Centre-03

When we enter, we immediately notice the huge space and get an impression of grandeur. It’s always nice to discover a new room and be greeted by a seating area, armchairs, a large bar-like counter and only see the bed at second glance. You can immediately imagine yourself sitting in the lounge enjoying a snack or relaxing with a drink.

A hall next to a “dining” area allows you to unload your luggage with ease. The dining area consists of a large stone counter for the basic preparation of meals and snacks.

Under the counter is a refrigerator, a microwave and some storage drawers. There is also a Keurig coffee capsule machine.

Although practical, the counter would benefit from a service sink. A raised bar table and two high chairs provide a nice eating area.

Few rooms offer the option of eating on a surface other than the bed or on the sofa. This dining area is a nice touch.

The lounge completes this first section of the suite. There is a sofa-bed, two armchairs and a coffee table; it is very pleasant to lounge around, since the bed is hidden by the partition. So you don’t feel “in the bedroom” but rather in the lounge.

Attention has also been paid to details to make the room warm and comfortable: footstool, nesting tables, mirrors, artistic paintings…

In fact, on one of our 4 evenings there, we drew the curtains, dimmed the lights, turned on the electric fireplace and watched one of the Stanley Cup games between the Canadiens and the Lightning while enjoying chips and local beers.

I didn’t know that the region was home to so many microbreweries and discovering their products was a real pleasure, which helped to mitigate the Habs’ defeat… a little.

Deux personnes qui trinquent dans une brasserie du Saguenay

The second section of the room houses the king bed, the work desk and the bathroom. The “room” is decorated in a similar way to the lounge, with the same nesting tables and artistic paintings. Everything is very functional.

The bedside tables are of a nice size without being imposing, the electrical and USB sockets are numerous, the independent lighting options are varied.

The large desk in front of the bed was perfect for working at, thanks to its large surface. That’s where I wrote this review. Again, there are many connection options available as well as an auxiliary lamp.

Above the desk, there is a large flat TV (42 inches). However, it is not a SmartTV.

Both sections of the suite have their own air-conditioning units, which makes it almost possible to control the temperature of both sections independently. I say “almost” because it’s still an open plan suite.

In the closet are two bathrobes. Of course the ironing board and iron are also provided. On the storage side, there are several shelves in the closet, a large drawer near the desk in the bedroom and storage in the bedside tables.

Unfortunately, none of the rooms at the Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference center have balconies or windows that open.


The bathroom has a large countertop in chocolate colours with a washbasin topped by a large mirror, a toilet of course, and a full-length shower. However, there is no bath. The colours again match the general look of the suite with shades of cream and chocolate.

Contrary to some hotels that use an ecological approach to beauty product containers (shampoo, conditioner, liquid body soap), we had mini containers.

General impression of the room

The suite is truly a great size, it provides an interesting balance between functionality, intimacy and fluidity. The overall look is rather classic with the wall-to-wall carpet and the combination of chocolate, caramel and cream shades. As far as the furniture is concerned, it’s very functional and it’s just as pleasant to lounge around, have a meal (I really liked the “bar” counter and its high chairs), work and, of course, sleep.

Although it was not our case at the time of our visit, I can imagine a family spending one or more nights there. In fact, the “lounge” section allows you to put the children on the sofa bed, let them watch television and then turn off the lights when it’s time to sleep. The parents can enjoy the “bedroom” section, to read, work or watch television with subdued lighting.

Delta Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference Centre-71

Hotel services


Free outdoor parking is available. In addition, 4 charging stations for electric cars are also available. I also noticed 2 spaces reserved for veterans, identified by a maple leaf on the ground.

Lunch and Restaurant

Breakfast is offered at the Boston Pizza Saguenay restaurant located on the ground floor of the hotel. The offer is rather simple as it is a very limited buffet for $13.95 per person (included however for Bonvoy Platinum members and above). Basically, we have an option of eggs (not omelets), bacon, sausage, cereal, pastries, toast, fruit and yogurt. As for coffee, you can only get filter coffee.

That being said, for a family it is perfect. There is no need to wait to order dishes, which is what an “à la carte” menu is all about, and there is enough to satisfy the needs of young people. All at a reasonable price.

Also, Boston Pizza Saguenay seems to be popular for dinner. Indeed there were quite a few people eating there in the evening. This is probably still a relatively practical option for a young family. And the numerous TV screens also help to keep it more “calm” than in some restaurants that focus more on gastronomy.

Swimming pool

One of the undeniable attractions of the Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference center is without a doubt its new indoor pool. It is also part of our ranking of the best pools of Marriott Bonvoy Hotels in Quebec. It must be said that previously the pool was outside and therefore very exposed to the wind. Plus, it was of course closed when the cold season came.

So don’t trust the hotel’s website which still says that its swimming pool is… outside!

It is located on the first floor, at the rear of the hotel. With windows on 3 sides, natural light floods in? It’s a beautiful rectangular pool that can accommodate both early-morning “swimmers” wanting to do laps and families simply wishing to have fun or cool off. The pool area also houses a Jacuzzi and sauna.

By the way, when I went there to take my pictures early in the morning before it was occupied, an employee was cleaning all the surfaces (sanitary measures because of Covid) and she said to me:

“Our pool is beautiful! Oh I tell you, families love it because while dad or mom is here for work, well the other spouse comes here to rest and enjoy it with the kids. It’s really better. Before, we were outside exposed to the wind and people were cold. In any case, we are very proud of our new pool.”

She was clearly smitten and very happy with “her” pool. And my goodness, her good mood was contagious.

The whole place is bright, clean, pleasantly decorated with its bird mobiles in warm colours (red, orange, yellow) on the ceiling. Numerous lounge chairs invite you to relax while several plants create a warm atmosphere.

Fitness room

There is a fitness room right next to the pool. The room is very large and has free weights, some pulley machines and a cardio area (treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike). The cardio area overlooks the pool.


The hotel also has a small laundry room at the disposal of its guests.

Delta Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference Centre-53

Meeting room / reception / weddings

This complex is designed for large-scale events with over 16 rooms representing 1,870 m² of meeting space.

For example, when combined, the Jonquière/Ouananiche/Chomina halls can accommodate more than 1,800 people for a reception or 1,000 people for a banquet.

salles de conférence Delta Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference Centre


We had requested and obtained a late check-out for this stay.

Our general impression of the hotel

The Delta Hotels Saguenay Conference center is a safe bet. The hotel is visible from a distance, it is easy to reach and its service offering is very much in keeping with a category 3 hotel of the Marriott Bonvoy chain.

Two main clienteles will be quite happy with it:

  • People travelling for work
  • Families

With its conference center and numerous room options, it is easy to host a variety of different-sized events. In addition, the room offers a desk in which it is very pleasant to work.

As for families, they will appreciate the affordable rates, the magnificent pool and the Boston Pizza Saguenay restaurant offering a quick and popular solution for young and old alike. At the time of our visit, we were in the middle of the Stanley Cup finals and the atmosphere was very cheerful despite the Montreal Canadiens’ more difficult performance.

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