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New U.S. measure: testing required within one day of travel for air travellers

To the point Starting next week, the United States will require these travelers to be tested the day before departure, not 72 hours before.

Shorter test time

***Updated on December 3rd, 2021: Date now confirmed for the start of the measure

As of Monday, December 06 at 12:01AM EST, the U.S. government is requesting a new entry measure. Currently, vaccinated persons traveling by air frominternational destinations to the United States must have a negative COVID-19 test result within the last 72 hours.

As of Monday, December 6, this test must be done the day before a foreign traveler leaves for a U.S. destination. This includes Canadians.

The test must have been taken the calendar day before departure, at any time. And not necessarily 24 hours in advance. So, it may have been done during the morning of December 10th, for example, with a departure on December 11th in the evening.

Here’s what the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had to say about it:

CDC day before

This is valid for all international persons (and even US citizens) travelling to the US, whether they are vaccinated or not. Moreover, this change will not affect unvaccinated people, as they were already to be tested the day before departure.

This new measure does not affect Canadian travellers transiting through land borders until further notice.

Accepted tests

All types of tests will continue to be accepted at the borders. This measure is unchanged. Therefore, the antigen tests will always be valid.

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