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How to get your Official Proof of Vaccination for travel in Canada and abroad?

To the point Here are the steps to get your standardized Canadian proof of vaccination for travel in Canada and abroad.

Canadian proof of vaccination

When travelling in Canada or abroad, this Canadian proof of vaccination against COVID-19 is a reliable way to prove your vaccination.

This proof can be used as of October 30, 2021, to board planes, trains and ships in Canada. This refers to the federal government’s announcement .

First, go to the Government of Canada website here.

Then select your province or territory. You will be directed to the special section of your provincial government to obtain your proof.

Canadian proof of vaccination

For Quebec

Go directly to the “Access the self-service portal“.

Fill in the information to access your file. Then confirm by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Electronic proof of vaccination

The proof of vaccination is sent through a link by email or text message. Select your choice and click Submit.

Choice of proof vaccination

Almost automatically, you will receive a notification with a secure link to click.

You have three choices:

  • Open your proof of vaccination in the VaxiCode application
  • Download your proof for use in Quebec
  • or Download your proof for use outside Quebec

Select the last choice, if you are traveling outside of Quebec. You will be able to print it in paper format, save it as a PDF or as an image on your mobile device.


After clicking on“Download your proof for use outside Quebec“, a file will appear to download it.

The header is with the logos of the Canadian and Quebec governments. It is a document in French and English.

It contains a QR code as well as a list of the vaccines received and the date for each.

Proof of vaccine qc can

To print your proof of vaccination :

  • Click on the “Upload your proof” button.
  • A PDF document will then be downloaded to your device and you can then print it.

Please note that your printing must be of high quality. A blurred printout will not work. Avoid having the paper folded over the QR code.

To save your proof of vaccination on your mobile phone :

  • Click on the “Upload your proof” button.
  • A PDF document will then be downloaded to your device. You can :
    • save the document to your mobile device
    • or take a screenshot of the document and store the image in the photo bank of your mobile device.

It cannot be downloaded on the VaxiCode application, because it is totally different from the vaccine passport used in Quebec.

If the email address and cell phone option are not suitable, the QR code can be sent by mail. Call 1-877-644-4545 for support.

You are now ready to travel outside Quebec.

Have a good trip! And don’t forget to get a no-FX fee credit card 😉

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