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Up to 40,000 points with the Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite* Card

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Get up to 40,000 points as a welcome bonus for this great credit card with no foreign currency conversion fees!

Up to 40,000 points as a welcome bonus!

Here are the main aspects of this offer for the Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite* Card:

  • 30,000 Scotia Rewards points after $1,000 in Card purchases within the first 3 months ($300 in travel rewards)
  • 10,000 additional bonus points when you spend at least $40,000 annually in everyday purchases
  • Six free airport lounge visits (no other card with an annual fee below $150 offers as many yearly visits).
  • No foreign currency conversion fees
  • Premium travel insurance
  • One Supplementary card for free

For many point hoarders, the additional bonus of 10,000 points after $40,000 in purchases will surely not be reached. Nevertheless, the welcome bonus of 30,000 points after only $1,000 in Card purchases within the first 3 months is still interesting. Especially with 6 airport lounge visits included!

Milesopedia’s community members appreciate this card a lot! If you don’t know it, here’s its full presentation.

lounge VIP of YQB Quebec Jean Lesage Intl 9
VIP Room - Quebec City (YQB)

No foreign currency conversion fees

This is the major perk of this credit card: no foreign transaction fees. Virtually all other credit cards in Canada charge a 2.5% conversion fee for all purchases made in foreign currency.

This Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite* Card is one of three credit cards with no conversion fees that we recommend you have in your wallet.

It will, therefore, be particularly appealing for snowbirds, but also for anyone who regularly travels abroad or buys on sites charging in U.S. dollar, euro… On each of these transactions, by paying with the Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite* Card, you save 2.5%, plus you earn some travel points!

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Aucuns frais pour les achats en devises

A Scotia Rewards credit card

Scotia Rewards Program is a travel points loyalty program.

Other key cards of the Scotia Rewards Program include Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card and the ScotiaGold Passport® Visa* Card. Therefore, you have another Scotia rewards points earning source. You can have more than one Scotia Rewards credit card and you can regroup points into the same account as explained in that post.

Enough to earn many points both through credit card application bonuses and with your purchases!

Scotia Rewards Points earning

With this card, you earn:

  • 2 Scotia Rewards points on every $1 you spend on eligible grocery stores, dining, entertainment purchases, and daily transit purchases (including buses, subways, taxis and more).
  • 1 Scotia Rewards point on every $1 you spend on all other eligible purchases.

Points earning is not as important as what Scotiabank’s American Express Gold card (5 points/dollar in grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment), but as it’s a Visa Card, you can use it at more places!

For those who charge $40,000 in one year on the Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite* Card, a bonus of 10,000 bonus points ($100) will be earned in the account. After that, a bonus of 2,000 bonus points will be added to the account for each additional $10,000.

supermarket 949913 1280
The grocery store

Redeeming Scotia Rewards points

You can apply your bonus points directly to your travel expenses (flights, hotels, car rentals, etc.) charged on your card:10,000 bonus points = $100.

This is one of the cards we recommend in these strategies:

The only drawback: you must redeem at least 5,000 points ($50) for a card account credit (after this threshold, it’s a rate of 100 points = $1).

By redeeming your points for travel expenses, you ensure a 1% to 2% return, depending on merchant categories.

Airbnb Provence
Airbnb - Provence

6 free airport lounge visits

Scotiabank is likely to want to address the traveller market. This Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite* Card offers a Priority Pass membership as well as 6 free airport lounge visits to Priority Pass lounges. It justifies the cost of the annual card fee ($139).

This is a very nice perk for casual travellers. An individual traveller will be able to visit Priority Pass lounges and restaurants 6 times in a year, while a couple will be able to access them three times!

After 6 visits in a year, you will have to pay a US$32 entry fee.

In Quebec City, you can access the VIP lounge!

In Montreal, you have 3 options:

NBC Featured 2
National Bank Lounge - Montreal

Subscribe to Priority Pass

Be aware! After receiving your new Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite* Card, it will be essential to register for the Priority Pass program to receive your Priority Pass membership card, giving you access to airport lounges.

You can register on this page.

One first Supplementary Card for free

You can add one free Supplementary cardholder to the account who will have his/her own card

This is an advantage over other institutions such as BMO or TD that charge about fifty dollars for an additional card.

Reliable travel insurance

The Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite* Card has many travel insurance:

Travel Emergency Medical Insurance

Coverage is provided for eligible persons under age 65 for up to 25 consecutive days and for eligible persons age 65 and older for up to 10 consecutive days.

Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption Insurance

Charge at least 75% of your trip costs to your Card and get trip interruption insurance at no extra cost.

Warning: do not use this card for reward travels with Aeroplan Miles, Avios, Flying Blue. 75% of the cost of the trip must be charged on the card for insurance to apply.

Flight delay insurance

Charge at least 75% of the full ticket cost to your Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card Card and you’ll be eligible for reimbursement of necessary expenses such as hotel accommodations, meals and other emergency items.

Delayed and Lost Baggage Insurance

Charge the full cost of your airplane, train, bus or cruise ship tickets to your Card. If your checked luggage is delayed or lost – you’re covered.

Travel Accident Insurance

Charge at least 75% of your ticket cost to your Card and you’re insured against accidental loss of life or dismemberment.

Rental Car Collision Loss/Damage Insurance

Charge the full cost of your eligible rental car to your Card and you’re automatically insured if your rental is damaged or stolen.

Hotel/Motel Burglary Insurance

Use your Card to pay for your stay at any hotel or motel in Canada or the U.S.


Scotiabank was the first major Canadian bank to offer a card with no foreign transaction fees. Since then, two other credit cards have also offered this perk.

This Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite* Card will be very appealing for several profiles:

  • Those who regularly pay in foreign currency
  • Those who travel regularly abroad
  • Those who want a card with solid insurance
  • Those who travel at least once or twice a year and who will use the Priority Pass airport lounges entrances.
  • Those who already have one or more Scotia Rewards cards in their wallet.
  • Those who have a balance of points and would like to cancel their current card while retaining their points through this new card

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