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How to easily earn Petro-Points?

It is very easy to earn Petro-Points (Petro-Canada points) to, for example, wash your car for free all year round! How? I’ll explain the technique.

Earn Petro-Canada Petro-Points easily

The Petro-Canada website explains how to earn Petro-Points, including the levels of Petro-Points based on the type of purchase made.

As you can see, the most rewarding thing is the purchase of“convenience store items“: 20 points per dollar.

What are these “convenience store items”? These are all the products available at your gas station: bottle of water, candy packet….and gift cards!SAQ 25

And that’s the trick to earn a very high number of points! You can purchase gift cards from any supplier (SAQ, Home Depot, Starbucks,, Pharmaprix….) – with the exception of Petro-Canada gift cards – to earn 20 points per dollar.

3194756So let’s say you buy a $100 gift card, you’ll earn 2,000 Petro-Points. You will be able to credit this card to your own account.

But to improve the payout, you will of course have to use a credit card that gives you bonus rewards for your gas station purchases (4% to 5%!)! At the end of the article, I will present the best ones!

Earn points with the purchase of gift cards

That means you can buy any card – with the exception of Petro-Canada gift cards – and earn 20 points per dollar. That’s what I did yesterday to show you the process in detail.

  1. I put $50 of gas (91) in my car using a Petro-Canada card I bought at the grocery store a while ago.
  2. I bought a $100 gift card.

For all these purchases I used my American Express SimplyCash card. For the first 6 months, it offers a 5% cash back for all purchases made in grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations (up to $5,000 in purchases, i.e. $250 in cash back).

Here is the result on my Petro-Points account:

  • petro point transactions
  • The first line is my $50 gas purchase. This earned me 468 Petro-Points (or 9.36 Petro-Points/ dollar).
  • The second line is the purchase of the $100 gift card. It earned me 2,000 Petro-Points (or 20 pPetro-Points/dollar).

This allows you to see the big difference in points earned between buying gas and gift cards!

As for my American Express SimplyCash Card… this is what it looks like:

amex remisesimple petro canada

  • The first line is my $100 purchase at Petro-Canada. That earned me $5 in cash back (or 5%).
  • The second line is buying the Petro-Canada card in my grocery store for $50. It earned me $2.50 (or 20 Petro-Points/dollar).

In short, for every $50 of gift card purchases I get:

  • $2.50 cash back on my American Express SimplyCash credit card (during the first 6 months, at 5%)
  • 1,000 Petro-Points

And of course, I immediately added the Amazon card to my account! You can do this by scanning the card with your smartphone and the Amazon application. This saves you from leaving a card lying around.

This credit will allow me to buy diapers for my daughter, for example, with a 5% or $5 cash back 🙂

petro canada american express single discount

Redeem your Petro-Points for rewards

As far as I am concerned, the most cost-effective solution I have found is to use Petro-Points to wash my car. The all-inclusive wash costs 7,000 Petro-Points.

washing 7000 points

This wash is usually worth around $10, taxes included. I get this bonus after spending $350 on gift cards.

If I do the math, for every $350 of gift cards purchases, I get:

  • $17.50 cash back on my American Express SimplyCash credit card (during the first 6 months, at 5%)
  • 7,000 Petro-Points that are converted into a $10 wash.

For $350 spent, my return is therefore $27.50 or 7.86%!

N.B.: You also have the option of redeeming your points for various rewards, such as Best Buy gift cards or gas-saving cards, but I don’t think that’s as interesting.

The most interesting credit cards

You understand that to maximize your rewards, you will need to use a credit card that offers bonuses for all your purchases at gas stations.

At the moment I am using American Express SimplyCash to maximize the 5% bonus in the first 6 months.

Here is our list of the best credit card:

HSBC Canada Credit Cards

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