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10 tips for using your Aeroplan points

To the point What are the best tips on Air Canada's Aeroplan program? Here are our professional tips for using your Aeroplan points.

We see it every day in the milesopedia facebook group: many Aeroplan members don’t really know how to use their points, or at least feel that their Aeroplan points don’t provide real savings.

Yet Aeroplan points are still a great value for travelers who know how to use them!

1/ Be flexible with your dates

We can’t say it enough: to use your Aeroplan points, be flexible with your dates. It is certain that EVERYONE is looking to get away during school vacations, spring breaks, long weekends, etc.

For these very busy periods, you will need to book your tickets almost a year in advance(355 days to be exact). But it is also possible to find availability 1 or 2 weeks before these dates (example: Labor Day for which availability can be displayed in the 3rd or 4th week of August).

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2/ Know the list of Aeroplan partner companies

Aeroplan isn’t just for Air Canada. You have access to award tickets offered by all Star Alliance airlines such as United or Lufthansa as well as several other partners such as Etihad or Oman Air.

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3/ Avoid surcharges via these countries

Some countries apply significant surcharges on business class tickets for outbound flights (such as the UK). Preferably from neighboring countries that do not have this type of surcharge.

There are also destinations that prohibit them (or greatly reduce them for flights leaving the country):

  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • South Korea
  • From Brazil
  • From Australia
  • From New Zealand

Thus, for these destinations, it will be possible to travel by paying only the airport taxes and no surcharge!

4/ Take advantage of the 5,000 point stop rule

When traveling internationally, Aeroplan offers you the opportunity to make a stopover for a flat fee of 5,000 points.

This is an opportunity to visit two destinations in one on a single award ticket such as :

  • Montreal – Casablanca (stop)
  • Casablanca – Lisbon (stop)

At this time, you must call Aeroplan to book an award ticket with a stopover for 5,000 points.

5/ Control stops and stopovers on an Aeroplan award ticket

There are a number of different terms you need to know about Aeroplan:

Origin The city from which the route
of your journey begins
Destination The city furthest from the point of origin
in which a stop of more than 24 hours will be made
A stop in a city other than your destination
in which you will stay more than 24 hours
A stop in a city other than your destination
in which you will stay – from 24 hours
A break in your itinerary during which
you will travel by your own means
Maximum Permitted Mileage
Maximum Permitted Mileage
Each origin and destination city has an authorized distance
by Aeroplan not to exceed
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6/ Learn how to search for your rewards on United

Aeroplan’s search tool can be improved. It is not yet practical to have a global view of the situation.

It is always possible to use other software such as Expertflyer, but there is an easier way! By searching for available award tickets on United.

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United allows you to make flexible searches by displaying 2 months of availability at a time. To use it, you will need to know the direct flights between two cities. Use Flightconnections for this.

Here’s how to do it. First, go to United.com and fill out the various fields:

  • One way
  • Departure + Destination
  • Check Flexible Dates
  • Choose a month
  • Check “Search for reward trips”.
  • Check “No Stopover
  • Choose your travel class
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Then, the availability for 2 months will be displayed:

  • the blue lines represent the availability in economy class
  • the blue dots represent the availability in business class
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The most important thing for you is that the availability must be indicated in SAVER Reward. This is the one you will have access to on Aeroplan.

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7/ Travel from the United States on United

Are you a large family? Do you usually cross the border to catch a low-cost airline flight in Plattsburgh, NY or Burlington, VT?

In this case, it may be worth using your Aeroplan Miles to travel with United directly from the U.S. You will only pay $7 in taxes per trip!

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8/ Use eUpgrades to travel in business class

With Aeroplan Status, you earn credits eUpgrades. With these credits, you can upgrade your ticket from economy to business class.

9/ Don't use your miles to pay taxes!

A big mistake that new Aeroplan members can make is paying taxes and surcharges with points.

This ultimately involves purchasing Aeroplan points at a cost of over 2 cents per point. For urgent situations only!

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10/ Have an Aeroplan credit card

With an Aeroplan credit card, you can be sure to benefit from several advantages such as

  • Preferred fare (you’ll pay fewer Aeroplan points for your tickets)
  • Free first bag on Air Canada for you and up to 8 travel companions
  • priority check-in
  • priority boarding
  • insurance
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