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STACK Prepaid Mastercard Review ($5 Bonus)

To the point Learn about the STACK Mastercard prepaid card, which is great for spending $350 or more per month, charged to the card.

STACK has established itself in Quebec after launching in 2017 elsewhere in Canada. This is a prepaid Mastercard. It has no monthly fee and no ATM withdrawal fee, provided you make $350 in net purchases per calendar month.

STACK, a prepaid card with zero fees

STACK is a prepaid Mastercard. If the cardholder spends $350 or more per month, this card is :

  • no monthly fee
  • no withdrawal fees at ATMs

As of February 2022, the STACK card has a 2.5% conversion fee for foreign currency transactions.

However, if you spend between $350 and $1,000 per month in foreign currency, the effective rate will be 0%: Stack will deposit 2.5% cash back into your account on these purchases.

But if you spend less than $350, you will be charged a 2.5% fee. And if you spend more than $1,000, you will also be charged a 2.5% fee on the excess amount.

Besides, with STACK, you can set a savings goal, and each purchase will be round to the next $1, $2, $5 or $10 and add to your savings.

Finally, while STACK cannot provide reward points like credit cards, STACK members get special offers at many retailers.

Stack Intro Recompenses
STACK - Rewards

Here are some offers available in my STACK account at the time of writing this review.

Stack Rewards
STACK - Rewards
Stack Rewards Sec
STACK - Rewards
Third Rewards Stack
STACK - Rewards

User fees

Beginning December 1, 2022, STACK will apply fees to certain transactions.

STACK access fee $ 7.99/month
Electronic transfer load (for each transaction) $ 0.99/transaction
Outgoing E-transfer by customer service agent (administration fee) $ 9.99/transaction *
Domestic ATM fees $ 1.99/use
International ATM fees $ 2.99/use
Cash load fee $ 1.99/use

* If a STACK cardholder spends at least $350 CAD net during the calendar month, these fees will be reimbursed except for E-transfer.

Open a STACK account

Getting a STACK prepaid Mastercard is easy.

First, you’ll need to download the STACK mobile app and then you’ll create an account. Because it’s a prepaid card, it does not affect your credit score (no inquiry).

However, PDF documents will need to be submitted proving your identity with your home address.

Stack Intro

Then, before receiving your STACK prepaid card in the mail, you can immediately enjoy a virtual prepaid card:

Stack Cards
STACK - cards

You can even add this Virtual prepaid STACK card to your Apple Pay wallet (yes, I have a lot of American Express cards!)

Stack Apple Pay
STACK - Apple Pay

This virtual prepaid card has some limitations, as long as the physical card has not been activated:

Limits Amount
Maximum Daily Cumulative Amount, Direct Deposit Loads $250
Maximum Monthly Cumulative Amount, Direct Deposit Loads $1,000
Maximum Daily Amount per Single Point of Sale Transaction $250
Maximum Monthly Spend Limit $1,000
Maximum Daily card-to-card Transfer $250
Maximum Monthly card-to-card Transfer $1,000

Recharge a STACK prepaid card

There are a number of ways you can top up your STACK prepaid card:

  • Interac E-Transfer
  • Payroll deposit
  • Cash Load (Canada Post and some businesses like Mobil, Canadian Tire)
  • Add STACK as a provider for bill payment
  • Add STACK for your CRA Direct Deposit

The simplest is, of course, the Interac e-transfer, which only takes a few minutes.

Stack Add Money Interac
STACK - Add money with Interac

Limitations of STACK prepaid card

Seeking to know everything about the product, I became aware of physical card limits, available on this page, and transcribed below:

Limits Amount
Maximum Card Balance $20,000
Maximum Number of Loads per Day 4
Maximum Number of Loads per Month 20
Maximum Amount per Single Direct Deposit Load Transaction $8,000
Maximum Number of Interac e-Transfer Loads per Day 10
Maximum Number of Interac e-Transfer Loads per Month 60
Maximum Amount per Single Interac e-Transfer Load $3,000
Maximum Daily Cumulative Amount, Direct Deposit Loads $8,000
Maximum Daily Cumulative Amount Interac e-Transfer Loads $4,000
Maximum Monthly Cumulative Amount, Loads (including Interac e-transfer Loads) $20,000
Maximum Number of Point of Sale (POS) Transactions per Day 15
Maximum Amount per Single Point of Sale Transaction including Bill Payments $2,500
Maximum Daily Cumulative Amount POS, including Bill Payments $5,000
Maximum Monthly Cumulative Amount POS, including Bill Payments $20,000
Maximum Number of ATM Transactions per Day 2
Maximum Amount per Single ATM Transaction $500
Maximum Daily Cumulative Amount ATM $1,000
Maximum Monthly Cumulative Amount ATM $2,000
Maximum Amount per Single Card to Card Transfer Transaction $2,500
Maximum Daily Cumulative Amount Card to Card Transfer $5,000
Maximum Daily Combined Spend and Cash Withdrawal $5,000

While most of these limits seem reasonable for a prepaid card, only one of them may be a concern in some situations: the maximum monthly amount of ATM withdrawals ($2,000).

In some countries, it is virtually impossible to pay other than with cash. If you had planned to withdraw more money over a month, then that is a limit to have in mind.

My intended use of the STACK card

I have a credit card with no foreign currency conversion fees, the HSBC World Elite Mastercard. So I see two scenarios where the STACK prepaid card could be useful for my international travels, if I spend $350 or more per month:

  • No ATM withdrawal fees (but the ATM operator may charge a fee): this will always be a saving compared to the $2 to $7 fees charged by the most Canadian banks for withdrawals abroad
  • A Rescue option in case of a malfunction or a decline of my HSBC World Elite® Mastercard®

If not, you’re better off with real credit cards that don’t charge foreign currency conversion fees.

STACK referral system

STACK offers a referral system.

For each user refered, they will receive $5 in their new STACK account, and you’ll earn $5 for each referral.

$5 bonus!

Download the STACK app to your smartphone with our referral link, and get $5 after you activate your account!

Bottom line

The STACK prepaid Mastercard is simple to use.

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