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Review of the Best Western Rewards Mastercard

To the point Find out all the details about the Best Western Rewards card: no annual fee, 20,000 points earned after the first purchase, or a free night's accommodation!


Introducing the Best Western Rewards Mastercard

best western carte mbnaThe Best Western Rewards Mastercard credit card is the only free credit card available in Canada to be associated with a hotel loyalty program: Best Western Rewards.

Whether or not you are a regular guest at Best Western hotels, having Best Western points allows you to diversify your points & miles portfolio. Especially since the points it offers will allow you to get a free night’s accommodation!

One night free of charge

The Best Western Rewards Mastercard credit card gives you 20,000 Best Western Rewards points after your first purchase, which entitles you to one free night’s accommodation.

Points are earned 8-10 weeks after the first transaction. Usually when the 2nd or 3rd statement is issued.

For example, here is the Best Western Plus hotel in Plattsburgh, located near the Plattsburgh (NY) airport, an airport well known by Quebecers to save on their flight tickets… but whose flights are often at dawn (which requires spending a night on site the night before). In this case, this night would be free thanks to this card !

plattsburgh best western
Best Western Plus – Plattsburgh (NY)

In this case, this allows you to save 135.99 US$ (+ taxes) or about 170 CA$! We made a complete photo report here about this hotel!

plattsburgh best western prix
Best Western Plus – Plattsburgh (NY) – Rate

But know that in Europe, you could get more nights’ accommodation with your 20,000 Best Western points! Look at this example at the Best Western Amedia Praha in Prague (Czech Republic):

prague best western
Best Western – Amedia Praha – Prague

In this case, each night costs only 8,000 points, which saves you 68 euros (+ taxes) or about $100 per night!

prague best western prix
Best Western – Amedia Praha – Prague – Rate

Or in Paris, which has many Best Western hotels (and often of very good quality!):

paris best western
Best Western Hotels in Paris

Combinable points between spouses or friends

In the Facebook group of milesopedia, many members have used this technique: Best Western Rewards points can be transferred from one account to another by contacting customer service.

Joëlle, a member of the Facebook group, confirms this possibility! And Gil underlines that Best Western’s customer service is “efficient and friendly”!

And personally, we transferred points via the Best Western Rewards online form!

transfert best western
transfer best western

Best Western points do not expire!

Unlike other programs, Best Western Rewards points do not expire and are therefore valid for life.

On the other hand, we always advise you to earn AND use: you don’t let points sleep in a program for years… otherwise you will suffer from devaluations.


Earning Best Western Rewards points

Of course, this card allows you to earn Best Western points on everyday expenses:

  • 1 point per dollar everywhere
  • 5 points per dollar for spending at Best Western hotels

costco logo

And since it’s a Mastercard, it’s accepted at Costco! You will therefore be able to earn 1 point / dollar of purchase at Costco.

Gold hotel status

By applying for this card, you immediately earn Gold status in the Best Western Rewards program:

  • Upgrade to superior room
  • Choice between a thank-you gift or loyalty points on arrival
  • 10% bonus points for each of your stays

And after $10,000 of purchases with your card, you get Diamond status! The latter allows you to earn 30% bonus points for each of your stays, in addition to the upgrade and the welcome gift on arrival.

Once you have a status in a hotel program, it is very easy to have it “matched” to another program. See our article on the subject.


It’s a card that every point & miles hunter has had at least once in his wallet.

The fact that you only have to make one purchase (even $1…) to unlock the 20,000 points welcome bonus is clearly an advantage unlike other cards that require you to spend $1500 in 3 months for example. What’s more, there is no annual fee, so there is no reason not to ask for it!

4.25 Milesopedia Rating

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