Promo Avios Qatar Airways bonus points

Buy points : Get a 50% bonus when you purchase Qatar Airways Privilege Club Avios miles.

To the point Until September 11, 2023, you can earn a 50% bonus when you purchase Qatar Airways Privilege Club Avios miles.

Buy Avios miles with a bonus

Until September 11, 2023, you can buy Avios miles from the Qatar Airways Privilege Club program with a 50% bonus. This offer excludes markets in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, India and Saudi Arabia.

bonus Avios

So if you buy 32,000 Avios miles, you get a total of 48,000 Avios miles. The cost is 896 USD, or 1.86 USD cents per mile (or 2.5 Canadian cents per mile).

promo avios bonus

Please note: This is a recurring promotion; the last one ended on June 22, 2023 and offered a 60% bonus.

Buying Avios miles could help you in case you’re missing some Avios miles to book an airline award, if you have exhausted all other options to earn Avios miles via credit cards.

Remember, you can now combine your Avios miles by linking your British Airways Executive Club account.

Qatar Airways B777-11

A credit card with no-FX fee

Since the purchase of Avios miles is charged in U.S. dollars, we recommend using a credit card with no foreign transaction fee. Here are three of them:

Other ways to earn Avios miles

Before buying Avios miles, you should look at other options available to you in Canada:

All these programs are transfer partners with British Airways Executive Club or Qatar Airways Privilege Club. So you can easily transfer your points into Avios miles.

Here are the best credit card offers from these different programs:

And you can even get them directly with the RBC British Airways Visa Infinite Card!

Bottom Line

Is it worth buying Avios miles? As with any purchase of points and miles, it will depend on your goal, and remember that you can use them with both Qatar Airways and British Airways. If you want to experience the QSuite, for example, the cost of purchasing the missing Avios miles could be much cheaper than the cash price of the QSuite. Discover our Qsuite reviews on board the A350 and the B777-300ER.

You’ll need to decide based on the reward flights you plan to book soon.

However, we have recently observed a low availability of low-rate premiums, suggesting that there may be a silent devaluation of the program.

Find out everything you need to know about the Qatar Airways Privilege Club program in this article. Now that you can combine your British Airways Executive Club Avios miles, check out the ultimate guide to this program. Not to be overlooked are the sweetspots of the program:

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