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Collect an extra stamp with Hotels.com Rewards!

To the point With this offer from Hotels.com Rewards, you could get closer to a free hotel night faster!

Collect an extra stamp with Hotels.com Rewards!

When you use the promotional code RWD1EXTRA, you collect an additional stamp after your stay.

Book on hotels.com before July 29, for stays before December 31, 2020. Full details of the offer are available here.

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How to earn Hotels.com Rewards nights?

Hotels.com Rewards is straightforward: you collect 1 stamp for every night you stay in more than 500,000 properties around the world.

  • for 10 one-night stays
  • for a 10-night stay
  • for several stays, leading to 10 nights

You can earn several free nights in your Hotels.com Rewards account and use them whenever you want. You don’t have to use your free night on your 11th night.

Hotels Com Rewards
Hotels.com Rewards

To learn more about Hotels.com Rewards, check out our guide.


Hotels.com Rewards program is straightforward. This program is for occasional travellers who do not necessarily book in a branded-hotel or who wish to be free to choose the hotel they want.

Enrolling in Hotels.com Rewards is free. With this promotion, you’ll collect an extra stamp to reach your free night faster!

In our opinion, the best credit card to use for Hotels.com is the Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card:

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