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milesopedia and my entrepreneurial career as a woman

To the point

Today I share a decision I have just taken: to fulfil myself as a woman entrepreneur.

My professional background

Those who know me know that in the last few years, I’ve been working behind the scenes for milesopedia. Now, I’ll be a co-pilot!

Today, I feel it is essential to consolidate my position and share my progress with you. I’ve been asking myself this question for a long time, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the past year, and the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis has only confirmed that I need to make a career shift.

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What is rather incredible is that several women pushed me not to take the path I am taking today, close or not, a year ago!

My mother-in-law, my former boss, a pharmacist I met, and other businesswomen. All strong, determined women entrepreneurs. Why are you telling me? Because I was already promised a great career as a pharmacist. That I had achieved professional independence. That I had financial stability, covering my back in case of separation from my spouse or if the “milesopedia project” did not work.

Why risk losing everything? So was my path all mapped out? Staying a pharmacist for life, becoming a partner or owning my pharmacy? After all these years of studying and working, another idea has matured.

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Al Maha

For those who don’t know me, I have a Doctorate in Pharmacy in France and a Master Degree in Marketing. My career started in France, not as a pharmacist (an internship will make me change my mind) but as a product manager and then as a line manager in a pharmaceutical laboratory where I worked for 5 years.

Positions that allowed me to:

  • understand marketing,
  • supervise teams of pharmaceutical representatives,
  • develop promotional tools,
  • carry out market research and competitive intelligence,
  • manage a budget,
  • design business plan, etc.

Becoming a Pharmacist in Canada

I could have gone a long way in marketing in France. However, the idea came to us to emigrate to Canada with Jean-Maximilien in August 2011, and I naturally asked myself the question: which path to take?

I’ve tried my best to break into marketing. It wasn’t easy when laboratories closed their marketing divisions in Canada and consolidated them in the United States. I had to start from scratch and go through a medical representative position that I was less attracted to.

However, I knew that the pharmacist position in Canada was nothing similar to France.

So I went back to the books to get a valid license to practice in Canada. After several difficult months, I finally succeeded.

I was lucky enough to meet a golden pharmacist who trusted me right away. It helped me to assert myself in my responsibilities, to go further to help my patients. I found out that a pharmacist can do a lot in Canada.

I loved that job because it made me feel strong and useful: finding solutions for my patients was my leitmotif.

audrey voisine pharmacienne

5 years later, a change in the drugstore ownership meant that I had to leave my position. Instead of looking for a new permanent position, and to continue thinking about my professional future, I decided to become a replacement pharmacist.

It was an opportunity for me to discover new skills and respond to the various requests made to me and, finally, to take some time to participate more actively in the development of the company: milesopedia.

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Air France

milesopedia was born 5 years ago from an idea of Jean-Maximilien, and I helped him in at every stage of the development. Now that the company is mature, it’s time for me to be more involved, especially since the needs are numerous: relationships with business partners, tourism agencies, authors, and much more!

A year ago, almost to the day, I left the pharmacy replacement to tour the world with my family in December 2019, taking me one step further in the company. Pictures, reviews, content creation: I’m taking more and more ownership of this entrepreneurial life, and I’m at the heart of many of the reviews you read.

Our trip was disrupted like many others by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing us to return earlier than expected.

The situation made me prefer to wait before resuming the pharmacy’s replacements, with the risk of contaminating my family (besides, the job opportunities were rather rare). I took the opportunity to get even more of a foothold in milesopedia. I believe in signs in life, and I dare to think that an extraordinary star is watching over me, showing me which direction to take.

It’s like my professional life is taking off again!

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My responsibilities as a mother

I like to take the time to evaluate, plan and weigh the pros and cons.

And life goes so fast, especially with children! Well, let’s talk about the children! Two kids, always ready to run, to go out to see friends, to shake the house in all directions, to do as they please.

Sometimes, the desire to be a woman entrepreneur can quickly be overlooked, even if the division of tasks is more egalitarian nowadays; Jean-Maximilien, fortunately, does a lot to help me despite his intense investment for the company.

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Between work, children, home duties (some women will understand my thinking), as a woman, I am sometimes afraid of not doing enough, of not reaching perfection, of being quickly overtaken or of not being up to scratch. And yet, I do a lot! A feeling that I have in myself every day that keeps me going.

This drives me to carry out the actions I undertake today, surpass myself, and be the woman entrepreneur I have become.

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My children mean everything to me, and I want to teach them respect, openness, sharing, autonomy: notions that travel helps to instil. Travelling has also allowed me to enrich myself, grow, and become aware of what surrounds us, motivating me and making me happy.

Travel is at the centre of our family’s well-being, our cornerstone.

Audrey Australia

My life as a woman entrepreneur

Jean-Maximilien and I have developed a common passion: helping others, whether it is to travel better, save money, or spend more time with the family.

milesopedia continues to exist, to renew itself, to expand, all this always for free with one goal: YOU. Our readers, whom we affectionately call Milesopedians.

Always offering you quality reviews, exclusive news, and why not make you want to get away from it all! Finally, offering you tools such as our credit card comparator always more performing or should I say THE most performing out there.

I love what I do, sharing my experiences with the community.

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Breaking down barriers and making room for women

My goal is not to become “Mrs. Miles”: Jean-Maximilien will always remain the pro of miles & points. But I want to offer other things. Other avenues, such as helping the development and influence of the company. Contribute to discover destinations or new products.

I’ve always found that the world of travel blogging related to points, credit cards, hotel and airline reviews was almost 100% owned by the male gender!

Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts, here I come!

Audrey 04
Etihad Airways

I have always given my vision to Jean-Maximilien, participated in his decision making so that milesopedia can accompany you every day in your financial planning and travel arrangements. So it’s only natural that Jean-Maximilien and I are associate entrepreneurs. My role will no longer be limited to advising but to pilot, initiate and crystallize some initiatives myself – like very soon for those who will follow my stories on Instagram.

Always to provide added value for you, who follow us every month, a little more, even in these troubled times!

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Al Maha - Dubai


As Executive Vice President of milesopedia, here are my next challenges:

  • Contribute to the influence of milesopedia with convention and visitors bureaus worldwide, as a leading resource in Canada.
  • Going through paths that, so far, only men have done and relayed (follow us on Instagram!)
  • Expand the milesopedia marketing platform and lead the launch of our next initiatives
  • Orienting the different authors
  • Coordinate future events with the community
  • To share my experience with other women who would like to start an entrepreneurial venture.

That’s how I see my next years: being a woman entrepreneur!

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