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Introduction to points and miles

To the point

Not sure where to start with credit card applications? Wondering how to compare offers and what to refer to? Here is THE complete Beginner's guide to points and miles by milesopedia.


Many of you are starting to learn how to earn points and miles. That being said, points and miles, how are they different? Why wouldn’t your current credit card be enough for you?

This 6-part guide is a real course to travel for free or almost free, with the essential articles you need to read to get started.

Prefer the video version?

Here’s everything you need to know about the credit score and report in 5 minutes:

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Two solutions are offered to you:

  1. Either you assume that the card you have is suitable for you
  2. Either you get started in order to save with points and miles.
Overview of the best credit cards
  • Do you like flight deals?
  • Do you keep tabs on grocery coupons and promotions?
  • Do you enjoy being eligible for free movies?

With points and credit cards, you can save on all big trip expenses:

Or get cash back to reduce your monthly budget!

You can do it !

In no time, you will discover that you are also able to earn many points with the right credit cards in order to one day earn enough to pay for your dream trip!

Everyone goes at their own pace and especially according to their own means. No need to rush and burn your feathers.

Point optimization work is a marathon, not a speed race!

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The beginner's fears

Whether you are a beginner in a sport or in your profession, it is not uncommon to encounter this feeling of fear, like getting lost in the fog, and which is expressed in different ways:

The Unknown

The work environment, the difficulty of the exercise, the scope of the tasks to accomplish…

Alteration of the credit report

Quite contrarily, because we keep a much closer eye on it, our credit score is better. Good mile hunters will tell you: their score is usually very good even when holding several cards!


True, it’s a lot of organisation. But once well organised, card management doesn’t require much more time! Pay your bills as soon as you get them, and createa personalised strategy for yourself.

Lack of time

With work, children, sports… Where can we find the time to manage additional credit cards? As said above, it requires some organization, but it can certainly be done.

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It’s like everything else: you don’t become an expert in a field in the blink of an eye, it takes patience and hard work. But this hobby will bear fruit… and will be very lucrative.

Goal-setting: The essential starting point

Set goals!

Wondering if our credit card is suitable for our use is a first step. Before we want to change and earn points in any loyalty program, we must ask ourselves what our goal is:

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Once you have defined your goals, establish your strategy.

To do this, learn which loyalty programs are relevant to your plan and, based on them, compare the credit cards that will fit your profile.

The goal should therefore be at the base of YOUR strategy! As a matter of fact, you will be able to see in the testimonial section that all those who shared their success stories with points and miles… started from a specific goal!

If there’s one thing you need to remember, it’s the order in which to do it: GOAL then PROGRAMS then CARDS! Not the other way around!


Before understanding points and loyalty programs, you need to understand the basics about cards.

Some will say that this is common sense, but given the questions that arise on the Facebook group, a return to basics will not hurt.

For example, it is not uncommon to see posts on Facebook say”I have a World Elite, it’s the best“… which means nothing, considering the number of institutions that offer a World Elite card. The advantages and offers of the cards differ from one bank to another… even for a similar product that is also a “World Elite”!

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