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Part 6: Our travel hacking strategies

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Have you gone through our credit card guide, loyalty programs and different ways to earn points? Have you read the various articles to go further? Let's discover together now different examples of travel hacking strategies plans.

Partie 6: des exemples de stratégies de travel hacking

Cet article fait partie de notre guide du débutant avec les points, composé en 6 parties:

This article is part of our beginner’s guide with the points, composed in 6 parts:

Part 6: travel hacking strategies examples

As we saw in part 4, here is the route that any travel hacker must follow:

  1. Set a short-to-medium-long-term goal(s)
  2. Define rewards programs that are useful to achieve this goal
  3. Target the credit cards needed to inflate your portfolio of points and miles

We are often asked by the community to develop custom strategies plans. This is a particularly delicate exercise because everyone has:

  • different desires (economic class vs business, hotels vs airbnb, nature vs. urban…)
  • different lives (single vs couple, couple vs family…)
  • flexibilities(release vs. retirement, salaried vs. self-employed…)
  • different means (students vs high income…)
  • different expenses (large grocery stores vs. market, daycare ,…)

In short, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to strategy plan!

However, here are still several travel hacking strategies that we have put together exclusively for our readers, to help you establish YOURS!

Each of these travel hacking strategies is set in the same way:

  1. The goal
  2. Programs
  3. The cards

List of travel hacking strategies articles to check out:

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More travel hacking strategies coming soon, check out this page regularly!

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