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Part 5: go further

To the point

Have you gone through our credit card guide, loyalty programs and different ways to earn points? Want to go further? Let's see how.

This article is part of our beginner’s guide with points, composed in 6 parts:

Part 5: go further

If you have reached this section, it is because you have managed to understand the principles and basics of points and miles accumulation! Well done !

This “go further” part is actually a suggestion of reading selected articles that will allow you to perfect your knowledge of travel hacking!

If you want to access Part 6 showing you examples of travel hacking strategies, it’s right here!

travel hacking exemples de plans de match

The basic rules of Travel Hacking

Becoming a travel hacker requires knowing the basic rules of Travel Hacking:

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Essential articles on points and travel in general


Essential articles for airport lounges

Articles about family travel with points


Still not convinced?

Look at the testimonials of milesopedia readers travel hackers: how do they use their points and miles?

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The milesopedia Community

Otherwise, there’s nothing like exchanging points and miles with Canada’s community to become a true Travel Hacker!

See you in the milesopedia facebook group!

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