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How can we earn rewards with online shopping?

To the point Find out how to optimize shopping portals! Here are our tips for earning even more rewards with online shopping.

In Canada, there are several portals you can use to earn rewards for your online purchases.

The best known are:

You can earn cash back, Aeroplan points or AIR MILES Reward Miles when shopping via these portals. And you’ll discover an exciting technique for buying gift cards!

Common rules for these portals

Before you can get rewards for your online purchases through these different online portals, you need to understand how they work.

Many brands such as Amazon, Gap or The Bay are looking to attract customers to their online store. To do so, they do business with different partners such as AIR MILES, Aeroplan or Rakuten by paying them a commission for every customer they bring them.

Then, once your purchase has been confirmed, AIR MILES, Aeroplan or Rakuten will pay you back in the form of a reward (AIR MILES miles, Aeroplan points or cash back for Rakuten), a portion of the commission they have earned.

The common rule: your shopping cart must be emptyBEFORE using one of these portals. Otherwise, the store will not consider these portals contributed to bring you in as a customer! And you will not receive your reward (since they will not have received a commission for the sale).

Also, it is important to go through the portal website! Buying directly from Amazon, Walmart or your favourite store’s website doesn’t work.

Earn cash back with Rakuten is an online shopping portal offering cash back.

If you use this portal BEFORE shopping at partner online stores, you can earn cash back on your purchases.

Signing up via our referral link gives you a $30 credit!

Rakuten Home - Cash back

The multiplier of's partner businesses

There are often promotions to earn more cash back for purchases at stores posted on

This can go up to 10% or even 20%!

Rakuten Promotions - Promotions

However, pay attention to the product categories for each of the online stores.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for the promotional percentage to vary. At Indigo, for example, the terms and conditions state that no cash back is offered on purchases of :

  • Apple branded products
  • Used and rare books
  • Electronic books
  • membership in the privilege points program
  • American Girl brand products
Rakuten Special Conditions - Special Conditions

The partnership between Scene+ and Rakuten

Scene+ and Rakuten are partners.

You could earn more Scene+ points for all your purchases on the Rakuten platform by linking your accounts. However, you will no longer be able to purchase gift cards through Rakuten after linking your account with Scene+.

First, remember to register on Rakuten via Milesopedia (to get the $30 welcome bonus) before linking your accounts!

Earn Scene Rakuten En

Buying gift cards on

Rakuten is a very advantageous portal to get cash back for online purchases. But, it is also the place to buy gift cards!

En X Giftcardshop Carousel - gift cards

By purchasing gift cards via the website (not accessible from the mobile application, nor to Scene+ members who have linked their account with Rakuten), it is possible to earn cash back.

But above all, it is a backdoor way to use an American Express card for stores that do not accept this type of card (even if this is changing for IGA).

Maxi gift card - Maxi gift card

Indeed, it is possible to pay your gift cards with:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Paypal (which accepts American Express!)

Some gift cards will be sent by mail, while you can get others electronically!

Paypal Maxi gift card - Gift card through Paypal

Please note that the discount obtained on your credit card for the purchase of a gift card via will be the same as for the basic category. Therefore, it is not considered a grocery store purchase, even if you purchase a grocery store gift card.

You will therefore need to choose the credit card that allows you to accumulate the most points or discounts in any category.

It’s still convenient to earn rewards with your American Express card without changing grocery stores . American Express cards are accepted at Metro and Super C, as well as some IGA stores. Or to unlock a welcome bonus!

If you are shopping for groceries at Metro or Super C, it is best to use the American Express CobaltTM Card directly. It is recognized as the best credit card in Canada for groceries.

Get cash back with the Boomerang Club

Club Boomerang is the online shopping portal launched by François Charron.

By going through this portal BEFORE you store at partnering online stores, you will be able to get cash back as well as coupons for discounts.

Here’s how to take advantage of it:

  • Register for free here
  • Explore the different cash back offers and the participating merchants
  • Click on the merchant of your choice
  • You will be redirected to the merchant’s website with a special link
  • the cash back will be added to your account some time after your purchase from this special link
  • Watch cash back accumulate in your Boomerang Club account and claim it as soon as your balance reaches $50

Earn Aeroplan points with the eStore

The Aeroplan eStore is the online shopping portal for the Aeroplan loyalty program.

By using this portal BEFORE you store at partnering online stores, you can earn at least 1 Aeroplan Point for every $1 in purchases.

The multiplier of Aeroplan partner stores

There are often promotions toearn additional Aeroplan Points for purchases at businesses listed on the eStore.

This can range from 2x to 10x the points. At certain times of the year, such as in the period leading up to the holidays, there are interesting promotions at the eStore.

eboutique gift days
eboutique gift days

These promotions can concern:

  • a particular store (such as
  • a category of stores (sports items at a “Fitness” event)
  • the entire eStore (during major shopping periods such as Black Friday)
eboutique Gap
eboutique Gap

Earn more Aeroplan points with an affiliated credit card

To earn even more Aeroplan points on your purchases, you’ll need to use an Aeroplan-linked credit card available from American Express, CIBC or TD!

Here are some cards that offer a different accumulation:

Earn AIR MILES Reward Miles with is the online shopping portal of the AIR MILES loyalty program.

By using this portal BEFORE you shop with with their online business partners, you will be able to get 1 mile/$20 for your purchases.

airmilesshops explanation
Comment fonctionne

However, it is possible to earn more AIR MILES miles through various promotions:

  • promotions
  • the multiplier of partner businesses
  • the multiplier, especially the site promotions

On a regular basis, AIR MILES miles collectors receive promotions allowing them to earn a fixed number of AIR MILES miles after a certain amount of purchase at

As in this example: 50 AIR MILES miles after any $100 purchase through

Airmilesshops bonus miles - 50 miles after a $100 purchase

The multiplier of AIR MILES partner businesses

Regularly, AIR MILES partner stores offer mileage accumulation promotions via a multiplier.

5x miles air miles
5x les milles avec ce partenaire

For example, if it says that you will earn 5x the miles, it means:

  • you will earn 1 mile/$20 of purchases (basic offer)
  • you will earn 4 miles/$20 of purchases (bonus offer with the store multiplier)

Which means 5miles/$20 of purchases.

That’s why AIR MILES says you will earn 5x the miles.

Knowing that 1 mile = $0.105 then 5 miles = $0.525.

This means a 2.6% cash back in this example ($0.525/$20).

The multiplier on the whole website

Sometimes, AIR MILES also offers a multiplier on the entire portal.

10x the miles airmilesshops
10x the miles on

In this case, the multiplier offered by the retailer and the multiplier offered by airmilesshops are added to the basic offer:

For example, if it says you’ll earn:

  • 5x miles at the store
  • and 10x miles on all stores

So you will have 5x + 10x = 15x the total miles.

card air miles rewards card

This means that:

  • you will earn 1 mile/$20 of purchases (basic offer)
  • you will earn 4 miles/$20 of purchases (bonus offer with the store multiplier)
  • 1 additional mile / $20 in purchases for the basic offer
  • and you will get 19 miles / $20 in purchases (bonus offer with multiplier)

That’s 15 miles / $20 in purchases.

Knowing that 1 mile = $0.105, then 14 miles = $1.47.

This makes a 7.35%cash back in this example ($1.47/$20).

Here is another example.

For a $120 purchase on The Bay, with a multiplier of 3 X for The Bay, and 20 X on the entire airmileshop site:

  • 1 mile / $20 purchase (basic offer) = 6 miles
  • Multiplier The Bay = 12 miles
  • Total for The Bay : 18 miles (which corresponds to 3 X the 6 basic miles)

Then, we add up:

  • 1 additional mile / $20 in purchases for the basic offer = 6 miles
  • multiplier = 114 miles
  • Total for Airmilesshops: 120 miles (which corresponds to 20 X the 6 basic miles)

For a grand total of 138 miles earned on a $120 purchase, or 23 X miles! This has a value of approximately $14.50 (or 12%).

Air miles multiplicateur
Achat La Baie de 120 $ avec Air miles multiplicateur

Earn more AIR MILES miles with an affiliated credit card.

In order to earn even more AIR MILES miles on your purchases, you will need to use a credit card linked to the AIR MILES Program!

Here are three cards that offer a different way to earn miles:

When you make a purchase directly at an AIR MILES partner (Shell, Jean Coutu, IGA, etc), the accumulation is more generous:

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