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cobalt super c

The best credit card for groceries!

To the point Find out why this credit card is the best one to earn reward points for groceries in Canada!

Earn points with groceries

During the COVID-19 pandemic, groceries are often one of our only expenses. Also, it has inflated in many budgets, inversely proportional to gas, coffee-shops or restaurants!

A few days ago, I explained how to earn points and cashback through online grocery stores.

Today, find out why the American Express Cobalt™ Card is the best credit card for groceries to earn flexible rewards fitting your needs!

5 points per dollar

The American Express Cobalt™ Card is the favourite card of the milesopedia’s community for two reasons:

  • Accelerated earning rate:5 points per dollar for many expenses
  • Flexible point redemptions: travel, cashback, hotel points, flights, Airbnb rental

With the American Express Cobalt™ Card, you can get:

  • 5 Membership Rewards points per dollar at the grocery store
  • 5 Membership Rewards points per dollar for home food delivery
  • 5 Membership Rewards points per dollar in convenience stores
  • 5 Membership Rewards points per dollar at restaurants and bars

So for every $1,000 of purchases in these categories, you earn 5,000 points or $50 in travel rewards!

In Canada, only the Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card has such an earning rate of 5 points per dollar.

2,500 points per month as a bonus

With the American Express Cobalt™ Card, during the first year, you can earn 2,500 Membership Rewards points for each monthly billing period in which you spend $500 in purchases on your Card.

In 12 months, this is an additional 30,000 points or a $300 travel rewards value.

The trick is to charge this monthly $500 on the 5 points per dollar categories:

  • Grocery store
  • food delivery at home
  • convenience stores
  • restaurants and bars

That way, it is a double-dip: you can earn the equivalent of 10 Membership Rewards points per dollar during the first year!

cobalt super c

Here’s another tip with the American Express Cobalt™ Card!

While you make your groceries at your local Metro or Super C, or when you buy something at your local Couche-Tard, buy some gift cards for other merchants such as:

  • SAQ
  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • Home Hardware
  • Home Depot
  • And more!

You will earn 5 Membership Rewards points per dollar on these purchases as well! This is perfect for those who are doing renovations or those who stock up alcohol at the SAQ 😉

5X The Points On Amazon.ca For Cobalt Cardmembers!

60,000 Membership Rewards points in the first year?

So, by doing this double-dip technique, you can get at least 60,000 Membership Rewards in the first year, a $600 travel rewards value!

Here’s a simulation by charging $500 worth of grocery shopping each month for the first year:

Earning rate
5 points per dollar
Welcome bonus
After $500 in purchases
Total cumulative
April 2,500 points 2,500 points 5,000 points
May 2,500 points 2,500 points 10,000 points
June 2,500 points 2,500 points 15,000 points
July 2,500 points 2,500 points 20,000 points
August 2,500 points 2,500 points 25,000 points
September 2,500 points 2,500 points 30,000 points
October 2,500 points 2,500 points 35,000 points
November 2,500 points 2,500 points 40,000 points
December 2,500 points 2,500 points 45,000 points
January 2,500 points 2,500 points 50,000 points
February 2,500 points 2,500 points 50,000 points
March 2,500 points 2,500 points 60,000 points

So in a year, you’ll have at least 60,000 points available, a $600 travel rewards value!

If you take away the monthly fee ($10 per month or $120 over one year), that is a $480 net profit.

amex platinum cobalt restaurants

Flexible point redemptions

Membership Rewards points earned with the American Express Cobalt™ Card can be redeemed in many ways.

Let’s take the example of the 60,000 Membership Rewards points you could earn the first year:

60,000 points value Article on milesopedia
Travel statement credit $600 Details
Any expense credit statement $420 Details
Fixed Points Travel Program $1,200 Details
Marriott Bonvoy Points Transfer 72,000 points
(a $648 value according to milesopedia)

Travel statement credit

The easiest way will be to purchase any type of travel with your American Express Cobalt™ Card.

This may be:

For example, here’s an apartment rental on Airbnb(see our strategy to save on Airbnb):

cobalt airbnb

Or for a flight booking with Air Transat

cobalt transat

For those who don’t like hotels, it’s an excellent solution to redeem Membership Rewards points earned with the American Express Cobalt™ Card to book something on Airbnb!

That’s what we did on our family travel around the world.

airbnb – phalaborwa – 06

If you want to see all the details of this card, check out this detailed article about the American Express Cobalt™ Card!

Fixed Points Travel Program

Here, it’s simply THE best redemption you can make with the Membership Rewards points earned with your American Express Cobalt™ Card. But it will only concern specific situations!

  1. Log into the American Express travel portal with your American Express Cobalt™ Card
  2. Book some flights through American Express’ Fixed Points Travel Program: here, 15,000 points = $300!

Here are the possible combinations:

amex points fixes eco

This means that with 60,000 points, you could get up to $1,200 on flights like:

  • Montreal – New York
  • Montreal – Toronto
  • Toronto – New York
american airlines yul phl msy 20

Marriott Bonvoy points transfer

Here, this is for those who want to earn Marriott Bonvoy points for a stay in one of the group’s 7,000 hotels!

  1. You log on to the Membership Rewards Points transfer portal with your American Express Cobalt™ Card
  2. Transfer your Membership Rewards points to Marriott Bonvoy at a rate of 1:1.2(or 5:6 if you prefer)
  3. Book your hotel directly with your Marriott Bonvoy account

You can get 72,000 Marriott Bonvoy points with 60,000 Membership Rewards points. By doing it right (booking hotels in category 1 to 3), this can represent several free hotel nights.

For example, check out all the hotels I’ve booked in South Africa with these points!

african pride arabella hotel & spa, autograph collection – 113


The American Express Cobalt™ Card is my favourite credit card in my wallet. Even beyond the first year, I can still earn a lot of flexible points through my daily expenses.

While we are in a period where spending is limited, this is probably the best credit card to have right now.

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