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Get up to 7X Aeroplan miles from August 5th to 18th 2019!

To the point From August 5 to 18, 2019, during its back-to-school event, the aeroplan eStore allows you to earn up to 7X aeroplan miles from many online retailers!

What is the aeroplan eStore ?

eStore is the online shopping portal of the aeroplan program.

By going through this portal BEFORE you shop online, you could earn aeroplan miles from many retailers like amazon.ca,Hudson’s Bay, Apple, Indigo…

estore aeroplan retailers
Example of aeroplan eStore retailers

Up to 7x Aeroplan miles via the eStore !

From August 5th to 18th 2019, you could earn up to 7X Aeroplan miles by shopping via the Aeroplan netboutique!

7x back to school aeroplan
7x Aeroplan miles for back to school

How to shop via the Aeroplan eStore ?

To shop via the Aeroplan eStore, you need:

  • Connect to aeroplan’s eStore with your aeroplan account
  • Go to the retailer’s page on the eStore
  • Then click the”Yes,shop now” button that will redirect you to the online store.
5x aeroplan amazon en
The Amazon page on the Aeroplan eStore

Earn more miles with an aeroplan status

Don’t forget! If you have an aeroplan status, you could earn additional aeroplan miles for your purchases via the eStore:

  • 2X the miles for silver and black aeroplan members
  • 3X the miles for diamond aeroplan members

Earn miles with your aeroplan credit card

You can also earn miles one every dollar you charge on your aeroplan credit card (American Express, CIBC, TD) !

For example, with the American Express® AeroplanPlus®* Platinum Card, you can earn 1.25 aeroplan mile per dollar!


A great opportunity here to earn many aeroplan miles for your online shopping!

Want to learn more about the aeroplan program? Check out the aeroplan loyalty program page on milesopedia.

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